'Orphan: First Kill' Reveals a New Teaser and a Digital Release Date

'Orphan: First Kill' Reveals a New Teaser and a Digital Release Date ...

Esthers is back and accompanying a new teaser for Orphan: First Kill, and those who directed the film have revealed that the film will launch on August 19 on digital. Three ways to immerse yourself in the mystery of Esther and her horrible and tragic murderous ways.

Orphan depicted the story of 33-year-old Esther (Isabelle Fuhrman) as she hacked and diced her way through adoptive families all while pretending to be a child. All of the strange sexual scenes were taken as a surprise by the film's adoptive mother (Vera Farmiga).

The Imposter, a 2012 documentary, may be familiar to those who have seen it. It's because the narrative of a missing Texan boy that emerged out of nowhere years later is inspired by the story of the family's missing child. After six years in jail, the then 30-year-old criminal continued to fool families by pretending to be a slew of orphaned and missing kids across Europe.

As she impersonates a missing child, viewers will be shown the origin story of Esther. At first, Katie (Julia Stiles) and Richard Mauerova (Rossif Sutherland) are relieved to have discovered their daughter, but their relief soon turns to terror as they begin to notice the disturbing changes that have occurred in their beloved child.

If you need more information, including the entire teaser for Orphan: First Kill, check out our comprehensive guide which will inform you everything you need to know. When the film launches on Paramount+, in theaters, and on digital on August 19, prepare to pick your platform of viewing.