According to IMDB, 'Prey' and every 'Predator' film is ranked

According to IMDB, 'Prey' and every 'Predator' film is ranked ...

The Predator franchise is one of the few contemporary action or horror franchises that falls short of being unique and recognisable, but nevertheless manages to stand on its own in terms of being recognizable and distinctive. Especially when considering the fact that the series has some of the coolest creature characters ever, including the infamous 'Predators.'

The Prey films were initially successful, but the remainder have slowly waned in popularity. The vast majority of viewers and predator enthusiasts seem to like the film, and let's see how it compares to the others on IMDB.

The Predator (2018) - 5.3/10

The Predator follows a group of PTSD-affected soldiers and a scientist who must unite in order to save the son (Jacob Tremblay) of one of the soldiers (Boyd Holbrook) as well as stop the evil plans of a pair of Predators that have made their way to earth. Although he has a promising track record, this film is a deficient addition to the Predator franchise, as well as starring in the original Predator.

This film is often referred to as the worst Predator film due to its nonsensical narrative and monotonous tone. However, the main flaw with the film is its terrible portrayal of a wide range of differently-abled people. These individuals are often used to fuel the plot or strike a humorous moment rather than being properly developed characters.

Predator 2 (1990) - 6.3/10

The second predator film tells the story of a species of alien species that finds its way into the gang-infested concrete jungle of Los Angeles. The film follows a witty police officer who investigates the peculiar crime scenes caused by the predator's actions.

Predator 2 is probably the most forgettable of the entire franchise, as all it is is, is a typical 90s cop flick with a touch of alien action. It also suffers from the inability to live up to the original, and kind of sits in its shadow as the direct sequel to the one everyone knows and loves.

Predators (2010) - 6.4/10

Predators is the third film in the Predators franchise, released exactly 20 years after the second. It tells a fairly similar story to the first, and it never fails to make references and references to it.

Despite trying to replicate the original's success, the film does have a few flaws that keep it from going strong, such as the very bland characters and the muddled plot. There are also a few offensive aspects within the film that certainly don't stand out. Nonetheless, this one still shines in terms of pretty cool visuals and fantastic designs for the new cast of predators.

Prey (2022) - 7.2/10

Prey is the newest installment in the Predator franchise, and it's quite literally the best addition since the original. The film takes place far back in 1719 and follows a girl from a Native American Comanche tribe who tries to track down a mysterious creature that has left an unrecognizable trail.

The setting of a broad prairie landscape whilst following a Native American tribe is fascinating. It's worthwhile to see it in the Comanche dub for a more authentic experience.

Predator (1987) - 7.8/10

It makes perfect sense that the original Predator is the one who has the highest regard, being the one who sparked it all. This film launched the Predator franchise as a fun action film about a military rescue group on a mission in a Central American jungle that discovers that they are being hunted down by a deadly predator.

This film is a fun action comedy with funny and funny characters, and at times, a thrilling horror film. All in all, it is a highly enjoyable adventure that can be enjoyed by lovers of action and horror.