How to Stream 'Cosmic Love': Where Is the New Reality Dating Show Streaming?

How to Stream 'Cosmic Love': Where Is the New Reality Dating Show Streaming? ...

From Love Is Blind to The Bachelor, reality television continues to have a soft spot for romantic matches. Cosmic Love is a new program that will test out the possibility of finding an ideal partner based on zodiac signs. The participants must conclude whether or not they have fallen in love with their future spouse based only on what the stars have to say.

Will these couples make it to the "I Dos"? Here's how to watch Cosmic Love and find out the results of this dating experiment.

Where Can You Watch Cosmic Love?

Season 1 of Prime Video will be available starting on August 12, 2022, unlike most dating programs, because you may watch everything in one or more sittings. It is hosted by The Astro Twins (Ophira Edut and Ali Edut).

Watch the Official Trailer for Cosmic Love

On July 27, Prime Video released the official teaser for the series, which looks to be packed with all the juicy material that reality tv enthusiasts are looking for. Click on the player below to see a sneak peek into this matchmaking maze.

Is It Possible to Watch Cosmic Love Without Prime Video?

If you haven't yet subscribed to Amazon Prime Video, this might be the perfect opportunity to get started since this is the only way to access it. You'll also be able to watch TV shows like The Boys, films like I Want You Back, and more on any compatible device for the price of $8.99 per month. Students also get a discount, only paying $6.49 per month.

What Can We Expect From This Reality Show?

Cosmic Love is centered on four individuals, known as The Elements. Pisces Noel Allen will be represented as "water," Leo Phoebe Davis will be referred to as "earth," and Gemini Connor Shennan will be represented as "air." The Astro Twins hosting the show will be reading their astrology charts and guiding the participants through what the show calls an "Astro Chamber."

What to Watch Next In Prime Video?

If Cosmic Love is your cup of tea, here are some other options to watch on the Prime Video platform.

Betty Who is the star of this show, which shifts the notion of finding someone new to begin a relationship. Why not open them for someone that you've never met before, but who you've never met before? Six participants must make the difficult decision to pick who they wish to leave the experience with.

Forever Summer Hamptons: This recommendation was rejected just last month, and it is suitable for those who enjoy the coming-of-age drama that happens during the summer break. During the day, they work at a restaurant by the sea, and at night they get to enjoy parties, kickstart friendships, and even shoot for love.

The following week, a group of singles check in to an extravagant hotel and plan their journey to stay there the longest. The person that left theirs unsatisfied the previous week is then re-entered the game. Both versions of the show are available on Amazon.