Nick Castle bids adieu to Michael Myers for the last time on 'Halloween'

Nick Castle bids adieu to Michael Myers for the last time on 'Halloween' ...

The cast of Halloween Ends has been grappling with in recent days as both an actor and co-author in several films inspired by John Carpenter's brilliant horror film Halloween. Castle was the first to wear the bleak spray-painted and stretched out Captain Kirk mask to portray the slow walking, quick stabbing killer, and now he's about to bow out.

The shape's writer bid adieu to the character while working on the last overdub touches for the upcoming David Gordon Greens Halloween trilogy finale. Castle is seen breathing deeply into the microphone while a shot of Michael appears on a screen in front of him. Those who support the feature are in a state of flux with final touches like this one.

With Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) attempting to put the kibosh on her battle with Michael while her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) tries to start anew. But, in the world of Halloween, things don't seem to work out for Laurie or the other residents of Haddonfield, Illinois. When a youngster is accused of murdering a boy he was babysitting, the terror sets Laurie on a collision course.

Curtis is planning to take on the role of Laurie Strode in a handful of Halloween films over the previous 44 years, but Kyle Richards will be (for the time being) paying homage to her character, Lindsay Wallace in Halloween Kills.

On October 14, Halloween Ends will be slashing into theaters. Check out the above photo from Castles' farewell post to The Shape.