Why Sarii the Dog Is the Movie's Ultimate Good Girl and MVP in Prey

Why Sarii the Dog Is the Movie's Ultimate Good Girl and MVP in Prey ...

The following are spoilers for Prey. When Sarii (Coco) was first shown on-screen in Prey, the same thought sparked our interest; but ever since I Am Legend became a movie soundtrack, we haven't been able to trust action writers with a dog again.

Prey was a natural fit for the filmmakers because he knew that for a large part of the film, Naru would be alone in the wilderness. Sarii is a nod to the film and the four-legged character that inspired Predator, proving to be a necessity.

Prey is seen first as she is rudely awoken with a kick. The pair then set out to gather chicory root. Sarii then devises a strategy to defeat the deer. As Naru rises from behind with her trusty tomahawk, she shows off her tracking abilities.

Sarii waits patiently while Naru gives her directions in Comanche and Plains Indian Sign Language. The deer runs off, and Sarii waits for Naru to signal her before heading off after the deer. This is the first time that the writer is causing us to think that Sarii might have been killed. Fortunately, she was.

The jealous sister decides she must prove herself, secretly setting off on her kuhtaamia with faithful Sarii by her side, though this good girl always finds her way back to Naru, once with a fresh kill in her muzzle to share, just as Naru had shared a fish with her.

Sarii appears to be on her own kuhtaamia, yelling at the bear as it approaches, as if to assure the hunter that this is all you need to go, no more, this is all you have to do. Eventually, Sarii distracts the beast, changing its course until Sarii has her weapons ready, putting the viewer once again on the edge of their seats, pleading for the pup's survival.

Sarii disappears once more in the bloody battle between the bear and the Predator. Audiences are concerned that Naru will stumble upon Sarii's lifeless body at any moment, but instead the loyal pup is found an entire day later, tied up in a French-Canadian voyageurs camp. When Naru discovers Sarii, she risked her life to save Sarii, who runs off into the wilderness at Narus' instruction.

Naru prepares to kill the Predator in the evening when her brother laid the trap for the lion, but Sarii jumps out of nowhere and attacks the Predator, risking her life to save her best friend from being speared. As the hunter signals her companion to run, and Sarii bravely brings the tomahawk to her human before their ultimate victory.

Sarii was equally as important to the plan as Naru, and played an equal role in rescuing the tribe from the Predator in the end. They walk triumphantly side by side, equals and best friends who trusted each other till the end. A trust that Naru never received from anyone except Sarii.

Coco, the cute animal actor who plays Sarii, was chosen for her particular rare breed, the American Dingo, which dates back to Asia and reached the United States through the Bering Sea land bridge around 4,000 years ago. They eventually reached Alaska via the Bering Sea land bridge, renaming the region after Dog the Blue Heeler.

Coco is extraordinary smart, but she was also difficult to train due to her lack of prior acting experience. It took some time and patience, but Coco always got the job done.

Coco has been described as happy and lively, in a kind manner. Though he admits that scenes were difficult to record due to her high energy and playful personality, he claims that she made every sequence she was in significantly better, and for that reason they decided to include her in more scenes than she was originally intended for. That is why the pup tends to disappear and reappear in the moments that are appropriate throughout the film.

Coco was a high-energy, playful hot mess, and a delight to be around, according to Midthunder. Sarii was praised by audiences for her abilities as a hunter, a warrior, and the true MVP of Prey.