The Top 10 Most Popular Fictional TV Families

The Top 10 Most Popular Fictional TV Families ...

Several decades ago, charming fictional families have appeared on television screens and were embraced in the living rooms of viewers. At times, they provided comfort, laughter, a load of catchy theme songs, and your own family bonding time.

These families are well-known for being loving and relatable, from TGIF sitcoms to daytime or primetime animated cartoons. Sometimes, they even made you wish you were a part of them.

The Bradys ('The Brady Bunch')

In the early 1970s, the Brady Bunch aired the tale of a lovely lady and a man named Brady on ABC. The sitcom centered around a six-child family - Mike's three boys and Carol's three girls.

Despite the sibling conflicts and significant adjustments made at the start of the series, Mike and Carol always reminded their children of the value of family and that the only "steps" in their household lead to the second floor.

The Tanners ('Full House')

Everywhere you look, the Tanners taught everyone that there's a heart and a hand to hold onto. After eight seasons on ABC,Danny Tanner and his three daughters were joined by his best friend Joey and Uncle Jesse, who eventually raised his family in the cherished house.

Full House was created by these eight individuals and became one of the most famous and popular families in television history for their funny jokes and relevant life lessons, which later continued throughout the show's 2015 reboot Fuller House.

The Bravermans ('Parenthood')

Parenthood aired on NBC for six seasons and chronicled the story of a large family of parents and grown children with relationships and children of their own. The Bravermans played the role of a more dramatic version of Modern Family's Pritchetts, always focusing on the unexpected.

Over the course of the series, this family dealt with teen anxiety, marriage difficulties, illness, and a tragic death, all of which brought them closer together and made them a family anyone would find special to be a part of.

The Simpsons ('The Simpsons')

The Simpsons have the distinction of being the longest-running cartoon family in television history, starting as a sketch on The Tracey Ullman Show in 1987, before forming their own half-hour comedy from 1989 to the present.

Despite all the hijinks in the opening theme, The Simpsons always prove at the end that family comes first.

The Huxtables ('The Cosby Show')

Cliff Huxtable, the lead actor in the Cosby Show, aired from 1984 through 1992, and he led a happy and well-rounded family for eight seasons.

The Huxtables paved the way for black families on television, eventually becoming Fresh Prince of Bel-Airand Black-ish. And while they were sarcastic, this family also had a charm and ended with valuable life lessons similar to Full House.

The Hortons ('Days Of Our Lives')

On Days of Our Lives, you may have heard of The Quartermaines, The Newmans, The Forresters, and The Buchanans. However, no soap opera family is as well-known and loved as The Hortons.

The Horton family has grown rapidly since 1965, with popular characters like Mickey, Hope, Will, and others. This daytime family is best celebrated at Christmas time when they all hang engraved ornaments on the big Horton tree on Christmas Eve.

The Goldbergs ('The Goldbergs')

The Goldbergs, a show created by ABC, tells the real-life story of creator Adam F. Goldberg's childhood in the 80's with a smothering family and dreams of making films. And while The Goldbergs are always getting into antics, they demonstrate at the end of every episode that love is universal.

Adam's interactions with each family member are what make the family so special, including his best-friend grandfather, Pops, his kindness toward his older brother and sister, and his notorious and devoted "smother" Beverly.

The Belchers ('Bob's Burgers')

Bob's Burgers has followed The Belchers - made up of Bob, Linda, and their three kids - for 12 seasons on FOX as they run their burger joint and go on bizarre adventures.

The Belchers are a well-rounded family who not only live life together, but also enjoy preparing hamburgers.

The Pritchetts ('Modern Family')

For 11 seasons on ABC, everyone wished they could be a Pritchett back in 2009. Made up of three immediate families who joined together as one big one, Modern Family explored the literal modern dynamics of family life.

This family offered humorous interpretations of large families, including Jay's marriage to a younger woman, the Dunphys' shady lifestyle, and the groundbreaking adoption of Lily by Mitch and Cam in the pilot episode.

The Pearsons ('This Is Us')

This Is Us taught everyone the true meaning of family with a unique perspective on The Pearsons' life stories as it shifted between present-day and flashbacks.

This family dealt with anything from adoption to abortion, relationships to divorce, and everything that life can throw at a family in between. But through it all, the siblings known as the Big Three persevered, demonstrating the value of a sister bond.