Michael Mann Releases Behind the Scenes Images from the 'Heat' Bank Scene

Michael Mann Releases Behind the Scenes Images from the 'Heat' Bank Scene ...

Michael Mann announced on his official Twitter account that Heat 2 will be released sooner than expected. It's inspired by a photo storyboard from a rehearsal of the famous bank shootout between Lieutenant Vincent Hanna (Al Pacino) and the policemen. Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his colleagues as they try to escape with one last big lead.

Hanna prepares to meet McCauley and his group in the street before he leaves his vehicle and goes out onto the street. He waits for the perfect shot to defeat the master criminals, and the storyboard Mann shared takes place before the chaos of the shootout.

The now-famous restaurant scene where De Niro and Pacino finally confront each other, stands out for both its realistic maneuvers, with McCauley's crew laying down cover fire as they make their way towards a getaway vehicle, and for how action-packed it is. It's the culmination of everything that the film was aiming for, and the meticulous planning and blocking that went into creating such a classic sequence are displayed throughout each panel of the narrative.

Heat is widely regarded as a masterpiece of cinema by Mann, thanks to its excellent cinematography, among other things, and a seasoned cast that includes Pacino and De Niro at their finest alongside fellow actor Val Kilmer. Because of how beloved Hanna and McCauley are and how much of their lives have been left untapped, Mann's follow-up looks to go back six years before their fateful clash to see where Kilmer's Chris Shiherlis and others end up.

With a new release, the film has had a great summer, and it got the spotlight during the Tribeca Film Festival when Pacino and De Niro reunited for a panel on the classic. See Mann's storyboard below to see how one of his most iconic scenes came together.