Why Do Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust' Female Characters Still Endure?

Why Do Neil Gaiman's 'Stardust' Female Characters Still Endure? ...

Stardust celebrated its 15th anniversary on August 10th. It's the female characters in particular that stand out. They're all evil and have different abilities, and the audience gets to know them intimately as the film progresses.

Yvaine meets Tristan accidentally. It is believed that consuming the heart of a star will allow a person to live forever. Yvaine is snarky in a very elegant way, sparring with Tristan at the beginning of the film but keeps herself strong. Yvaine never sees herself as an object, as she never sees herself as an object.

The majority of people Yvaine encounters want to use her for her power. She rejects this suggestion wholeheartedly. Captain Shakespeare (Robert DeNiro) tells Yvaine that he does not want to harm her. She warns her that her feelings for Tristan leave her in danger. She and Tristan face off against the witch who is following her. Her raw power, which was previously considered a flaw, is what defeats the film's primary antagonist.

Lamia, the antagonist, would have been a one-note evil witch. She is an evil witch, which is why she seeks out the stars. Despite the cost, she enjoys flaunting her magic.

Una's cleverness carries a more regal tone. For most of the film, Una is enslaved by a witch. She devises a situation that would have transformed the star into a clump of dust, much like Yvaine's. Her brothers ignore her in favor of naming a new king of Stormhold.

The three women in Stardust have lived drastically different lives that come together in the final confrontation. The love interest, the villain, and the mother are all familiar to the general public. Yvaine and Tristan support each other as their relationship develops, and he trusts her to defeat Lamia. Lamia has a long history of envy over her own, and she is a strongwoman who thrives on her own strength.