Fans of 'The Handmaid's Tale' still have seven questions

Fans of 'The Handmaid's Tale' still have seven questions ...

The Handmaids Tale is a Hulus-inspired series that investigates an environmentally deplorable world that has extremely low birth rates, forcing women to become concubines in order to repopulate the fictional world of Gilead. The Handmaids Tale has received numerous awards, including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

Season 5 of Gilead, which premieres on September 14, shifts focus to June and Serena, where the two women seek to reign in Gilead's power profiles. Luke (O-T Fagbenle) and Moira (Samira Wiley) join June in the never-ending quest to rescue Hannah (Jordana Blake).

Will Following Seasons Include 'The Testaments' Content?

Margaret Atwood wrote a sequel book to The Handmaids Tale in 2019. The novel chronicles the lives of three characters: infamous aunt Lydia, future young wife Agnes Jemima (formerly known as Hannah Bankole), and the rogue Daisy/Jade (formerly known as Nicole Osbourne).

Although Hulu has confirmed that The Testaments will be turned into a spin-off series, no further information is currently available. Fans are unsure how the two series might interact, or if they would ever develop any.

Who Does June Really Love?

The tense love triangle between June, Luke, and Nick (Max Minghella) has become a fan favorite since the first season of The Handmaids Tale. During her time in Gileads, June is torn away from him and their daughter Hannah. She eventually assumes Luke to be deceased, since the last thing she heard before she was captured were shot.

After Serena coerces the two to have an affair in an attempt to impregnate June, June becomes wary of Nick's role in Gileadean society, but is reassured as he manipulates his position of power to always keep her safe.

Why Does Janine Cooperate With The Aunts?

Janine Lindo, a well-loved handmaid character from The Handmaids Tales, appears emotionally unstable during the series. She enters the Red Center without fully understanding the consequences of her new circumstances, where she is tortured for speaking out of line, and is eventually sent to be a concubine for the Putnam family (Stephen Kunken and Ever Carradine), where she finds her daughter, Angela.

Janine was intended to be a handmaid after her escape attempt, which Aunt Lydia unexpectedly approved. The subtle collaboration with the aunts, combined with Janine's fragile nature, seemed to have impacted Aunt Lydia, who appreciates her presence. With Janine at the Red Center, fans are hoping that season 5 will reveal her lack of rebellion (in comparison to Junes) and what her new role will involve.

Why Are There Gileadean Supporters In Canada?

With the public hearing of June's testimony and political discourse, Canada is viewed as a safe haven for Gileadean refugees from theocratic rule.

Serena's core idea of establishing a cult-like following in Canada is teased in Season 5, arming herself with supporters that support June's horrific treatment as described in her testimony. However, due to her religious beliefs of a woman's place in society, she has already gathered political movement in her ideology. This topic will be discussed in future episodes.

What's The Deal With Nick?

Nick started out as a child driver for the Waterford household until his perception of Gilead is shifted following the suicide of their handmaid. Nick then joins the Eyes, a secret intelligence unit in Gilead that aims to uncover secrets about its residents.

Nick is eager to see him get more screen time than June and Nicole when he is promoted to Commander status.

Will June face legal consequences for Fred's killing?

Fred Waterford (Joseph Fiennes) was brutally executed by handmaids, led by none other than June in season 4; June now has the freedom to confess to the crime committed on her.

The possibility of prison time for Fred was too great for June, who negotiated the release of 22 handmaids in exchange for his release. The murder in No Mans Land, an area that has no ownership to Canada or Gilead, provides a legal opportunity to be dismissed legally. Season 5 should reply this fairly early on, considering it is expected to finish by the end of season 4.

What's Hannah's Experience In Gilead Like?

Hannah is still untold in the last episodes of The Crossing, where she is put in a glass cage to bribe June into divulging information about her fellow handmaids' disappearance.

Hannah at this point does not recognize June and is apprehensive of her as she approaches. Living with her adopted parents under the name Agnes MacKenzie presents a challenge in reuniting her in Canada with June and Luke, and fans are left with little information about her new life. In the following seasons of The Handmaids Tale, Hulus' adaptation of The Testaments will cover Hannah's experiences, from her youth to her young adulthood.