Steve Binder will direct the documentary on Elvis Presly's 1968 comeback special

Steve Binder will direct the documentary on Elvis Presly's 1968 comeback special ...

Elvis Presley had gone from being America's top musical performer, the man with swiveling hips that set many young girls' hearts on fire, to a has-been with a shattered career. On December 3, 1968, Elvis performed in a television special that would later cement his status as The King. Steve Binder, the man behind the original special, is collaborating on a new documentary to be called Elvis & Steve: The Making of the 1968 Comeback Special.

As Binder was, in fact, the director of the 1968 special, the new special will explore the significance of the moment from a perspective that is seldom available to documentarians. He is also, in part, the subject, as he explains how the crucial pop culture event came to be.

Binder said of the Elvis documentary "over the last half-century," that "I'm the only one who can tell the behind-the-scenes story of how it came to be," because I'm the only one who was actually there for all of the events.

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Binder continued, stating the importance of the subject and of his own connection to Elvis, saying, "This new documentary will take viewers behind the scenes into the filming of the special, and the close bond I developed with Elvis, and the courage and strength he found to uphold Col. Tom Parker and take his career in a completely different direction," according to the filmmaker."

Spencer Proffer, the man who is producing the film, said, "I'm proud to continue my decades-long professional and personal relationship with Steve Binder, one of the most innovative entertainment artists." He continued, Steve opens the vault to share a funny buddy story that is moving, moving, and a moving time capsule that provides a fresh perspective on Elvis, Colonel Parker, and a filmmaker who took risks and made history.

The film's production and distribution will soon be revealed. The Elvis 68 Comeback book was published by Thunder Bay Press.