Gen Con 2022's most unreliable board games

Gen Con 2022's most unreliable board games ...

After nearly two decades attending board gaming events like the Super Bowl, Ive developed some very close friends who I enjoy seeing every year. We werent interested in playing the latest Euro-style game, or a massive Ameritrash strategy game, but we wanted to have a lark. The variety of new games on offer perfectly suited our needs.

I think the best Gen Con games this year were the lightest, most frivolous things you could imagine. But more than anything, the best games this year were chaotic, including the title that may be my personal game of the show.

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town

Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town is a hidden-environment game for 3-5 players. Notice that I didnt say hidden movement like say Nuns on the Run, Last Friday, Letters to Whitechapel, or Specter Ops. In this game, each player is given a large laminated grid and a dry-erase marker. What sort of pizza does each house want?

For $39.00, you can get Psychic Pizza Deliverers Go to the Ghost Town directly from Board Game Tables Dot Com.

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Here's a brief recap of the other most frequently asked new titles, organized in alphabetical order.


Boop, the latest game from Smirk & Laughter Games, is a delightful little-box game that includes a collection of wooden cat meeples and a plush comforter. Turn the inside of the box over, place the comforter on top, and proceed to boop your opponents in a match-three match-meets-area-control brawl.

Boop will be available in the near future.

Cat in the Box

The box game is a trick-taking card game that includes Hearts, Spades, Euchre, and Pinochle. All of the cards are black, and players mark down the card they've played on a double-layer board for some reason, such as if you lose all of your points in the game.

For $29.95, Cat in the Box is now available direct from the publisher.


The first thing I throw out when I open a board game is the punchboard. If there is one, it's sand timer. It's a game that I've ever played except Kites, since the stress of it has contributed absolutely nothing to it. Players take turns playing cards that correspond to the timers, in order to keep all of them in the air before their sand runs out.

Kites is available for pre-order now for $20.

Ready Set Bet

Ruel Gaviola told the assembled influencers that he both designed and contributed to the companion app's programming. He described it as a board game for board gamers, which makes perfect sense. So, your family members who enjoy going to the casino and who understand things like trifecta and... math... can compete on a fairly level playing field.

Ready Set Bet will cost $39.99 and is expected to be available for purchase later this year.

Reality Shift

Academy Games is well-known for its shocking historical simulations and strategy games. Reality Shift, however, is a pretty impressive game, with cubes that pivot and rotate around their axes. Youve not lived until youve brought the game to a halt, derezing your opponent and sending them back to the starting line.

Reality Shift was only available for a year this year at Gen Con, with the exclusive set costing $65. You'll want to get yours very soon.