Elvis, Day Shift, and every other new movie you may stream from home this weekend will be available on Netflix

Elvis, Day Shift, and every other new movie you may stream from home this weekend will be available  ...

The brand new movies available for home viewing this week are dominated by a major theatrical release that is finally coming to home video, as well as an exciting Netflix film that's a bit of a throwback.

We must first talk about Elvis. Baz Luhrmann's maximalist approach is a perfect vehicle for telling the story of one of America's pop culture's most famous figures, and it's now available for viewing at home if you, like me, have been unable to see theaters.

Day Shift, a vampire-hunting action comedy-horror hybrid from first-time director J.J. Perry, is a delight to watch, as well as a throwback to a past time of action filmmaking.

A pair of kids films, a documentary about Princess Diana, David Cronenberg's Crimes of the Future, and Alex Garlands Men, are available at reduced rental prices.

Let's get into it!


Where to find it: On Amazon, Apple, and Vudu, it is available to rent or purchase for $19.99.

Austin Butler (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood) plays the legendary musician and Tom Hanks as his promoter, Colonel Tom Parker, in Baz Luhrmanns biopic.

The key casting choice isn't the actor, but the director. Baz Luhrmann is precisely what an Elvis biography requires: He has no restraint, no shame, and no self-consciousness. He is the only filmmaker who could convey the legend of Elvis Presley with the emotion it deserves.

Why not take a look at our list of great musical biopics or the finest films from Elvis' acting career while you're at it?

Day Shift

Where to find shows: Netflix is available for streaming.

J.J. Perry, a long-time stunt performer and action coordinator, has made his directorial debut. Jamie Foxx plays a vampire hunter in desperate need of money, battling with a Vampire Hunters Union rep (Dave Franco) and an old friend (Snoop Dogg) to secure a big ticket.

From our analysis:

The refreshingly low stakes and the ease with which the mundane and the supernatural intermix here are just two of the many ways Day Shift will enthuse savvy viewers of the many 1980s and 1990s video store staples it is so clearly a love letter to. The Lost Boys, Dead Heat, and Fright Night all have their own tributes, while others are roaring, affectionate shoutouts.

Secret Headquarters

Where to find it: Paramount Plus has a subscription service available for viewing.

In this kid-centric superhero film from Catfish and Nerve producers Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost, Owen Wilson is an Iron Man and Green Lantern hybrid.

From our evaluation:

When Secret Headquarters indulges the pleasure of kids with superpowered gadgets, it shines. When it narrows the focus to the conflict between Charlie and his father, and the toll that being a masked vigilante can wreak on family life, it stands out from other entries in the kids discover superpowers and super-gadgets subgenre. It could use a little less attention on the serious adult issues of it all, but when Joost and Schulman narrow the plot to smaller stakes and

Crimes of the Future

Where to find it: Apple, Amazon, and Google have made it available for $5.99 per month.

Viggo Mortensen, Lea Seydoux, and Kristen Stewart star in David Cronenberg's latest body horror film. Its never a better time to revisit Cronenbergs heritage with the genre he has long championed.

From our review:

Cronenberg's relatively recent films include discomfiting scenes, terrifying scenes, and even gnarly moments (both with Stewarts Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson); both with eXistenZ, which is a more user-friendly, sometimes restrained film.


Where to find your favorite shows: Available for $5.99 on Amazon, Apple, and Vudu.

With this horrific film about a young woman (Jessie Buckley) who flees to the countryside after a traumatic husband encounter, only to encounter a very strange group of guys (Rory Kinnear) who share the same face.

From our review:

Men is a sensualists dream, with vivid colors and endlessly disturbing imagery. The sound, by Ben Salisbury and Portisheads Geoff Barrow, is almost overwhelmingly beautiful, even when Buckley explores a tunnels echo by harmonizing with her own voice. Later, a shriek of pent-up emotional pain slips so deeply into the soundtrack that it might as well be Harper's intention.

Happy Birthday

Where to find Netflix content: Available for streaming

This bizarre Telugu crime comedy takes place in a fictional country where a bill requires customers to have guns. The film follows a group of people at a fancy hotel who is forced to confront issues that follow.

Code Name: Emperor

Where to find it: Netflix has a free service to stream content.

This action thriller from Spain confronts a moral dilemma for a secret agent when he is asked to frame an innocent politician.


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Heartsong is a musical romantic drama from Turkey that follows a nomadic folk musician from the Dom people who falls in love with the bride of a wedding he has been hired to perform at. The film includes a lot of Dom folk music.

Bank Robbers: The Last Great Heist

Where to find Netflix content: It's available to stream.

In this true-crime documentary, Argentina's most famous bank robbery was investigated. In 2006, five masked thieves held 23 people captive and robbed a bank in broad daylight.

Pakka Commercial

Where to find out where to watch Netflix content

This week, Netflix has released another Telugu-language comedy, this time a courtroom action comedy about a lawyer who takes on a controversial client. His connection with the client puts him in conflict with his ex-judge father.

Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story

Where to find it: Netflix is now available for streaming.

Leo Baker, a pioneering skateboarder, won gold at the 2014 Summer X Games and is also one of the most prominent trans athletes in sports in this documentary.

13: The Musical

Where to find it: Netflix is offering a streaming service.

Jason Robert Brown, Robert Horn, and Dan Elish's 2007 stage musical is based on a youngster who moves from New York to Indiana and wants to have a bar mitzvah to be remembered in his new environment.

The Princess

Where to find HBO Max content: Available to stream on HBO Max

This The Princess is a documentary about Princess Diana from Oscar-nominated documentaryist Ed Perkins (Black Sheep) not to be confused with the recently released Hulu action film of the same name.

I Love My Dad

Where to find the show: Available for rent for $6.99 on Apple and Vudu

Patton Oswalt plays a father who attempts to connect with his estranged son online by posing as a woman. Yes, he attempts to catfish his own son (played by writer/director James Morosini, whose real experience the story is based on).


Where to find yourself: On Apple, Amazon, and Vudu, you can rent for $5.99.

Wifelike, an R-rated science fiction thriller, follows a detective (Jonathan Rhys Meyers) who recently lost his wife and has been assigned an AI companion (Elena Kampouris) that is meant to mimic her. As a result, he gets drawn into a conflict with a resistance group attempting to end this practice.

From our review:

Wifelike excavates some barely concealed subtext and proudly lays it out as text: Men subjugate women, and if their attempts to do that are stymied, theyll invent fresh women to subjugate some more. There are moments when the film seems ready to provocatively recast grief and loneliness as catch-all excuses for male wrongdoing, but Bird backs away from it by not including any major characters who are truly grieving.