TFT Golden Spatula Cup 2 EMEA: Standings, Format, and Scores

TFT Golden Spatula Cup 2 EMEA: Standings, Format, and Scores ...

At the second Golden Spatula Cup, 128 of the finest Teamfight Tactics players from the EMEA region competed for a direct invite to the Set 7.5 Regional Finals.

The second EMEA Golden Spatula Cup, hosted by Rising Legends, was played over the course of three days. Out of the starting 128 players, 64 advanced onto day two, and only the top 16 from the second day advanced to the final and third days of competition.

Aug. 12 TFT EMEA Golden Spatula Cup standings

Players competed in a total of six games, with lobby games being reseeded every two games. Points were awarded based on standings in a lobby, and the 64 most successful players advanced to the second day.

Matelas finished the day strong with three back-to-back first-place lobby finishes, while Illectro and Adreh were able to finish the day at the top of the leaderboard without a single bottom four finish.

Woopy, Urg0d, Anaconda, and Temlozz all scored 27 points, but Snoodyboo and NyuGaminGTV failed to advance off the tie-breakers.

Here are the top 64 players who have advanced to the second day of the EMEA Golden Spatula Cup two:

AEG PasDeBolxCrescentxus0oMagnificent4Life
SageDisgrArroganteKC Double61
Kevin ParkerLeftovertureGuilloskoKRC Jedusor
AratShiningStarL3S CocoArrow
Joshy ChanGingODESZAKlicorneN

Following the six games played each day, all EMEA Golden Spatula Cup TFT standings will be updated.