How to Get a Black Crosshair in VALORANT

How to Get a Black Crosshair in VALORANT ...

In VALORANT, there are many different factors that will help a player thrive in the heat of battle. People need the right mouse sensitivity and visual settings to help them turn the tides in a firefight, but sometimes, the perfect crosshair can make you the most accurate shooter on the server.

Players may change their crosshair to any of a variety of different colors, although there isn't an option to change it to black. After all, users dont have complete customization control over the color of their crosshair, like an RGB wheel. As a result, they aren't able to create a full black crosshair, but there is a way to make one with other options in the settings.

Creating a black crosshair in VALORANT

In the game, making a pure black crosshair is fairly straightforward. Players will need to first go over to the game settings, where theyll see the crosshair options for their various profiles. In the main section, turn on outlines and turn off inner lines.

Now, set the crosshairs outline opacity to one and the outline thickness to one or two, depending on how big you want the crosshair to be. Both the outer line and the inner line should be at zero, as well as the outer lines' thickness, length, and offset.

The result should be a black crosshair without any other colors.