In Apex Legends, how do I play Vantage?

In Apex Legends, how do I play Vantage? ...

Vantage is no stranger to violence. Shes used to marking and taking out targets to survive in the Apex Games, taking her homemade sniper rifle and adorable bat Echo with her on her quest to clear her mother's name.

If you want more info on the Outlands Survivalist Sniper, you have come to the right place. Were describing what Vantage can do, how to play her with maximum efficiency, and the legends she pairs with best.

Vantages abilities

Vantage has a passive, a tactical, and an ultimate, all of which are related to her status as a recon legend. It also works with the 2x HCOG Bruiser and all higher-magnification optics.

Vantage has a bullet drop indicator when sniping or using mid-range weapons, which we will discuss below. You may be able to get the drop on a few enemies and land some shots before they even know where you are.

Echo Relocation is a fun portmanteau of echolocation. When you activate him, Vantage directs her bat Echo to a specific spot within her line of sight, allowing you to reposition him or recall him at any time. Hold the tactical button once more to rocket-jump to Echo's location while Vantage is still alive, but Echo cannot take damage.

When you're trying to reach a higher perch to see a wider area, Echo Relocation is ideal; it's better when worn outside of combat than in: Vantage's jump isn't instant, and she cannot shoot while jumping, leaving her vulnerable to crossfire. Like Wraith or Octane, it's a proactive ability rather than a reactive one. Keep Echo where you've been previously.

Vantage's ultimate, Snipers Mark, sees her pull out a custom Sentinel from her days on Pagos. It can store up to five charges, each of which equates to a single shot. Enemies who are hit by its weapons suffer 50 damage and are marked, meaning they receive additional damage from both Vantage and her teammates.

The pistol itself is more stable and smoother than other sniper rifles. It also has a 3x-8x variable optic, which makes it a less difficult to land shots when combined with the bullet drop indicator.

Vantage pairs

Vantage isnt as fast as some recon legends, like Crypto, but she's designed to be played in a slower and more deliberate manner than many damage and movement-based legends. After all, if you're close enough to an enemy to see their shield color and what legend they are, their passive is rendered mostly useless.

Vantage works well with defensive legends who can set up around her and provide a safe haven from sniper strikes, like Newcastle and Rampart, because they can use their shield to help Vantage maneuver through walls and eliminate targets at long range.

Vantage isn't as effective with aggressive high-mobility players because her mobility is a lot slower and more deliberate than other legends, and most of her abilities become useless at close range. Legends like Octane, Wraith, and Bloodhound who can easily sneak in and save a bunch of people will often leave her in the dust. They can't help her if she gets ambushed by a third party.

Vantage tips and tricks

Vantage can still benefit from ultimate accelerants, thanks to a different charge system than most other legends. Ultimate accelerants are great for quickening the amount of shots you can make against an adversary.

While playing Vantage, you will rarely want to use 1x optics because she cant afford them while she's using them, and she's not excellent in close-quarters combat anyway. You'd prefer to use someone like Rampart or Mad Maggie, who both have specific bonuses for using more close-range weapons.

Do your best to avoid fighting long ranges if you have to. It's where all your skills and abilities come into play, and its where your abilities come into play. Make sure youre communicating enemy locations to your teammates so they can benefit from the damage boost.

Vantage is for players who like to plan, rotate, and shoot carefully. She is a niche icon, but she excels at filling the sniper role exceptionally well and is very useful when scouting large maps such as Storm Point and when making rotations through potentially congested areas. She isnt necessarily a bad thing, but she's definitely worth attempting.