In Tower of Fantasy, where can I gather crystals?

In Tower of Fantasy, where can I gather crystals? ...

Tower of Fantasy is an open world adventure game set in the vast and varied world of Aida. Players, or Wanderers, can explore and interact with everything they have to offer in this open alien world. These interactions include killing opponents, enhancing a character for future raids and missions.

As players learn the rules of the game, it becomes apparent that players must obtain consumable items in order to perfect their character and weapons. These items may be obtained in a variety of ways, but players are unable to locate or collect one item in particular: crystals.

What are Crystals in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, crystals are a common and consumable mineral that is used to advance and upgrade weapons and equipment.

Equipment levels up via an experience system in which consumable items provide a set amount of experience towards progression. Players must collect and use these items and reach a certain experience threshold in order to level up their gear further.

How to obtain Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

Crystals are a common consumable in Tower of Fantasy, and they are easily found throughout Aida's world. In the open world, they'll reward players with a Crystal when they're destroyed.

One way to get these crystals is by purchasing them. Crystals can be purchased from a store located in Banges.

In Tower of Fantasy, the best places to gather crystals are

The game is flooded with Crystal rocks, and there are currently 936 of them scattered throughout the map. Some of the greatest spots to find clusters of Crystals are on the cliffside of the Rusty Belt, scattered around the HT201 Shelter, and the southern shoreline of Banges.

These are some fantastic Crystal spawn spots that can be used in the early game for easy collecting and farming.