Daniel Durston Discusses Taylor Hale's Exit from Big Brother & Mistreatment

Daniel Durston Discusses Taylor Hale's Exit from Big Brother & Mistreatment ...

Daniel Durston, a houseguest on Last Night's Big Brother, was evicted with an eight to one vote.

After Nicole Layog, the Elvis impersonator's number one foe, was sent packing the previous week, Daniel attempted to persuade houseguests that his Festie Bestie, Kyle Capener, was a bigger threat. However, he failed to garner enough votes to stay.

Heavy had the chance to catch up with Daniel and discuss his eviction.

Here's all you need to know about it.

Was Daniel Surprised by the Votes?


Terrance Higgins, Jasmine Davis, and Indy Santos seemed onboard to keep Daniel in the game earlier in the week. Jasmine even attempted to run for Daniel, asking Alyssa Snider if she would consider voting for Kyle.

Only Terrance voted to evict Kyle on eviction night. Daniel said he was unsurprised by how the votes went down, telling us he anticipated it.

I knew everything would happen, he said. Since Nicole left, I knew I would be out next. I actually thought it was [going to] be nine to zero because I [would have respected] if [Terrance] wanted to switch over. But Terrance told me three days before, Dude, I'm one hundred percent giving you my vote because we're boys, and he wanted to show the love that I showed him when he was [going to] go home.

Daniel spent no time saying goodbye to his housemates when he was evicted.

On his way out, he practically ran out the door, hugging only Terrance.

Daniel spoke with us about his swift departure.

Terrance is my boy. I like that guy. He will be my best friend for the rest of my life, he said. Although I know, or hope, that all actors will mesh well [after the show], there are certain people that you connect with on a much deeper level personally and [on a game level].

He [is] the only one who kept me sane this last week and sparked faith in me, he continued. Jasmine [did], too, but she had already begun transitioning to the other side, and I respect that, but Terrance is my boy, and I just wanted to make sure I gave my last hug to the person I trusted the most in the house.

Daniel Talks Mistreatment of Taylor

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Fans felt that Daniel mistreated houseguest Taylor Hale.

The 35-year-old was open about his dislike of the Michigan beauty queen during a live feed. At one point, he told his fellow houseguests that he hated Taylor and that she did not deserve to live normal.

Daniel blew up at Taylor on a separate occasion, telling her not to talk to him until the finale night, and even blaming her for Palomas' sudden departure from the program.

Daniel addressed his behavior towards Taylor in an interview, and tried to explain why he held a negative opinion of her.

According to him, the live normally concept was created specifically for the Big Brother world. Obviously, that [is] difficult to express, but in no way would I ever want to say that or feel that way in the outside world. That doesnt justify it, but that is what I meant.

Daniel stated that he wanted to join Taylor in the first week, but that he allowed other people's opinions to influence his opinion of her.

I wanted to do things with [Taylor] for the first week because as soon as I saw her, I knew she was going to [kill] this game, he said. But on day five or so, everyone had something negative to say, that she had rubbed them the wrong way. Nicole was the only person who vouched for her and wanted to keep her in the house.

The first week of HOH is tough because you dont know these people, so you have to go with the house, he continued. I was being told so many different negative things that I just had to go with it and then Monte doubled down on the Paloma blow-up, so I just had to trust him. He is very persuasive, very persuasive. So from then, my emotions came out of Paloma and Nicole.

Daniel admitted that in retrospect, he wish he had handled the Taylor situation differently, admitting that he may have been too quick to believe the other houseguests' accounts.

I was not there for those [situations] of Paloma, Monte, [and] Nicole, and that is] definitely my failure and flaw that I at least didnt step back and ask the question in front of both of them and sort of get to the bottom of it, he told us.

It's unfortunate that I've just trusted the ones I'm loyal to, but in that game you have to, and it, unfortunately, did not work out for me, according to his employer.

Daniel Talks Mistreatment of Taylor (Continued).

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Daniel also addressed a statement he made about Taylor early on in the season.

Daniel said he was afraid Taylor would explode if she learnt she was being targeted during his HOH tenure.

Daniel made an unfavorable assumption about Taylor based on race, according to supporters.

Daniel explains why he made the statement in an interview, revealing that he saw himself in Taylor.

Taylor, who he said, was a bada**, a loyal person, and a killer player; so I thought, first week, nobody wants to go on the block, and I thought she would be more open about it, [like] I would be, so seeing that in her I knew [it] would be a bad move for me.

Daniel Rewinds What He Would Do Differently if He Could Play Again

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Daniel was asked what he would do differently if he could play Big Brother again in our interview.

The Ontario man stated that he would prefer a less emotional game.

Even if I [was] emotional, I would try to minimize it, according to the speaker. Even if I [was] heated, I would want to at least talk about it in front of everyone or in a group setting rather than just declaring what I felt at the time.

Daniel Talks About What He's Looking Forward to on Finale Night

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Daniel reveals what he is most looking forward to on finale night.

Im looking forward to meeting Taylor. That's my number one goal, he said.

He has said that he wants to talk about anyone on the program who he hurt or offended.

He said, those are my priorities. I believe we all will get along moving forward. I feel like Taylor and I talked it over, although it wasn't talked about.

He continued, "I want to make] sure I can apologize for specific things rather than just saying it for no reason." I look forward to reuniting with Taylor.

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