According to a new fan poll, phobia maps are too big

According to a new fan poll, phobia maps are too big ...

The players have spoken, and they want smaller Phasmophobia maps. A popular Reddit post that sparked the debate suggested a handful of new map locations, as well as an office park and an outdoors location.

The most common reason for this is that big maps are boring, with most commenters referring to Asylum as their main problem areas. This is only one recent example of players asking for maps, but the sentiment tends to be persistent, and Kinetic even promised the next map would be tiny. It's another asylum-style area, but with themed zones and unique hazards.

Others have added a bit of nuance to the big and bad arguments, stating what makes a map worthwhile or disappointing is what it provides. Take the farmhouse as an example, which has a lot of hiding spots, scary spots, and even a restroom you have to enter by going outside. The campsite, on the other hand, is small and has little interest.

Small houses with inventive layouts seem to be the preferred map style, and its easy to see why, even if you leave the complex design to the side. The small and medium-sized houses are great for solo play and keep missions to a fairly short length when you're hunting down that last optional objective.

The Sunny Meadows update isn't yet known, but as we approach the game's second anniversary, we'll probably have some news soon. Meanwhile, check out our picks for the best horror games and best survival games on PC to help tide you over.