The Best Roblox Murder Mystery Games

The Best Roblox Murder Mystery Games ...

Roblox offers a wide spectrum of games that spans all genres. These games are largely inspired by well-known series, anime, manga, or other popular games. Players who desire to try out Roblox murder mystery games can do so by following these links.

Alone in a Dark House

Youll be asked to investigate and solve a murder case, as the name suggests. Unfortunately, the place where the murder occurred is quite shady and has hidden secrets you'll discover over the years. Additionally, you'll feel like someone is watching you and keeping an eye on your every move.

Dead Silence

Dead Silence is as frightening and enthralling as it is entertaining. Anyone entering Mary Shaw's domain will face her wraith, and you may play with four friends or go for a solo adventure.

Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt's primary goal is to survive in a Morsburg Mental Hospital that has many hidden secrets. Navigating through the mental hospital will not be easy; you will need to rely on your light sources and cameras to escape the place.


Impostor is a party game inspired by Among Us, which has very few limitations, making the experience enjoyable. Impostors can continue to murder even if they are ejected.

Murder Mystery series

The entire Murder Mystery lineup is well-known for its enticing gameplay and irritating brain teases. You can either commit the crime and prepare to flee, or you can join the investigation team that tries to solve the mystery.

Nightmare Mines

Any player who attempts this game is guaranteed to terrorize and scare. You are stuck in a mine and must solve brain-twisting puzzles to escape the dangerous area. Additionally, you must protect yourself from the hoard of terrifying zombies that once roamed the same area.

The Mad Murderer

The Mad Murderer is one of the most popular Roblox mystery murder games. It has surpassed 21 million views, making it one of Roblox's most popular murder mystery games. Each character has its own narrative.

Twisted Murderer

Twisted Murderer is still capable of delivering a thrilling experience to anyone who plays it. Game modes such as Sheriff Showdown and Cold Killer can be extremely fun while still giving you goosebumps.