Is it possible to get married in the Cult of the Lamb?

Is it possible to get married in the Cult of the Lamb? ...

Cult of the Lamb is a rogue-like system whose dungeon-crawling abilities become more powerful as you develop your cult. Be it through strengthening your followers' personal faith in you or expanding your cult's doctrines to allow for more devout worship, both methods have the potential to result in the most devout form of relationship marriage.

Marrying followers in Cult of the Lamb

It is possible to marry your most devout cultists, but this requires substantial effort to be made through your reward trees. The Wedding ritual can be found under the Law and Order doctrine. Doing so requires two completed Commandment Stones, which can be obtained by complete follower quests and leveling up.

The wedding ceremony itself takes place at your camps temple, costing 75 bones from dead enemies to execute. A wedding will boost your cult's belief by 30, quelling disagreement from all followers, including the spouse. Additionally, your spouse can grant you a special blessing once per day.

After the honeymoon, you may sacrifice your spouse, gaining higher benefits than sacrificing a standard follower would. Alternately, you may marry multiple followers to enjoy as many daily blessings as you like.