In Tower of Fantasy, how do I clear Ruin B-02?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I clear Ruin B-02? ...

In the land of Tower of Fantasy, there are a slew of dungeons to discover. Each region has Ruin dungeons for you to explore that each contains chests to loot and bosses to kill. Test your skills in these dungeons and reap the rewards at the end. Ruin B-02 is located within the land of Banges, and it is one you will not want to miss out on.

Ruin B-02 location and level requirement

Ruin B-02 can be found in the Banges region. This is the second region in the game. It's also one of the easiest dungeons to get to because it's located very near the Banges dock.

This dungeon is fairly short, with a level requirement of 24. You will probably have completed a good chunk of the story in the Banges region before you can take on this quest.

How to clear Ruin B-02 in Tower of Fantasy

The first room in thedungeon has many groups of enemies. Before continuing to solve the puzzle, go ahead and take them out. Start by hitting the vines blocking the back wall, then grab a fire weapon.

After that, go down to the sub-layer of the room to find more enemies to fight. After dealing with them, go to the other room in the area that you've just discovered.

Once you have both chests, go up the small staircase leading to the small side room. There is a cube in here and a pressure plate. Toss the cube on the pressure plate and the entrance to the next room will open up.

Two pressure plates will be displayed on both sides of a newly opened door. Begin by entering the room on the left side of the room. A cube is inside. Defeat the enemy and pick up the cube.

Bring the cube through the room with the two pressure plates in it and go to the other side. There is a different room with a large metal fence in the center of it. Place the cube on the pressure plate in the room. This will open a door leading to a second cube.

Grab the cube from the small room and return it to the central room with the two pressure plates. Toss the two cubes onto the pressure plates to open the door leading to the boss.

Minotaur is the boss in this dungeon. It's powerful but also predictable. Most of Minotaurs' strikes are simple swings with its axe that you can easily dodge.

The main move you need to watch out for is the Minotaurs jump attack. If you get caught in the blast, Minotaur will do a slam attack that can easily drain half of your health. Fortunately, this move is simple to see coming. Once the boss is defeated, you will be able to pick up your reward and leave.