In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get an Omnium Beast Cockpit?

In Tower of Fantasy, how do I get an Omnium Beast Cockpit? ...

Tower of Fantasy has a large variety of mounts. Some of the mounts might look like mechanical broomsticks, while others might look like a pair of robotic legs that you sit on. The Omnium Beast Cockpit is one of the most sought-after mounts and it is composed of three parts; the left arm, the right arm, and the cockpit.

How to get the Omnium Beast Cockpit

Once you have reached the Banges Dock, you will go to the Signal Station Spacerift, then head west out into the ocean, where you will find an oil rig. The location of the rig is shown on the map below.

Talk to the Hyena Guard who is on the lift attached to the rig, who will reply and then mention the docks. Return to the Banges docks and talk to Port Guard Lozwall, who will tell you the code required for access to the oil rig.

Return to the oil rig and talk to the Hyena Guard again. This time, use the third dialogue option that appears both times. This will make it so the Hyena Guard will give you access to the rig. Once you are on the rig, climb to the top of it where you will see the Omnium Beast Cockpit. Open it to receive the Omnium Beast Cockpit.