In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you earn devotion?

In the Cult of the Lamb, how do you earn devotion? ...

The Cult of the Lamb assigns players to create their own cult in order to gain power and ultimately serve the Dark Lord himself. One of the first considerations for proper cults is that your followers are extremely important to you (and your cause).

A proper level of devotion will allow players to unlock new technologies quicker, which will in turn, improve sermon effectiveness. Therefore, having highly dedicated followers will help you immensely.

Command followers to worship

Cleaning the camp, removing wood or stone, or worshipping at your Shrine are some of the most popular commands for new followers. If a cultist has already been assigned to a different task, walk up to them and select Work then Worship.

This leads to a slow rise in Devotion over time, which players can then use to combat their evil technological advances. However, the drop over time of Devotion might not be sufficient to satisfy cult leaders with an unholy hunger.

Players will occasionally encounter Shrines for other Bishops and Old Gods while traversing the Old Gods' Lands. Interact with these in order to steal small amounts of Devotion for your cult.

In the Cult of the Lamb, how can I get Devotion quicker?

Users have two primary means of gaining Devotion faster: send more cultists to worship, or level your cultists up. If your resources arent stagnant, send additional cultists to increase the speed of Devotion gained.

While your cultists are worshipping, increasing their levels will ultimately lead to a faster Devotion gain. With this in mind, players will want to determine who is cared for the most, depending on what the cult needs as a whole.