Scott Speedman Makes a Comeback in Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11!

Scott Speedman Makes a Comeback in Animal Kingdom Season 6 Episode 11! ...

Here is something to cheer you up for this weekendsAnimal Kingdomseason 6 episode 11. After being away from the show for years, Scott Speedman will return as Baz in this upcoming episode.

Baz's absence from this world is understandable: He's gone. It's one of the most shocking episodes in the series so far, and his return now comes with a fair share of concerns.

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Take, for example, this big one in our minds: how in the world is this character back? There are only two reasons for him to be sitting in a car with Pope: either this is a flashback, or the Shawn Hatosys character is having some sort of dream sequence while in prison.

Speedman's return should be a pleasant surprise for a lot of people. At the time the show first appeared, both were huge names onAnimal Kingdom, and ironically, neither of them is still a part of this world anymore. He was a key player on Netflix's last season of Game, and he was also a series regular over onGreys Anatomy Season 18.

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