After a Meena disagreement, Emmerdale's Naomi threatens Manpreet

After a Meena disagreement, Emmerdale's Naomi threatens Manpreet ...

Spoilers for Emmerdale are here.

Naomi has made threats to Manpreet as the situation with her long-lost father Charles reaches boiling point.

Naomi had made it clear that she did not want anything to do with Charles following his decision not to reach out to her when he discovered her last year, but she has been getting to know her brother Ethan.

Ethan concealed the fact that he was planning to meet up with Naomi from Charles at the start of tonight's episode (August 12). Naomi said she didn't know she wanted to meet him forever, but she couldn't ignore him forever. When Ethan asked why she decided to get to know him, Naomi replied, "I don't like unanswered questions."

Manpreet, Charles' girlfriend, overheard a phone conversation between Marcus and Ethan and discovered that the latter was with Naomi. Manpreet then told Charles, leading the vicar to try and find the pair, enraged that Ethan has been spending time with his daughter behind his back.

Naomi accused Ethan of putting her up when Charles and Manpreet discovered the pair. An argument ensued, and Naomi advised Charles to keep away from her.

Later, Manpreet discovered Naomi at a bus stop and attempted to argue Charles' case. Naomi responded by making some inflammatory remarks about Manpreet's serial murder sister Meena. Following this, Manpreet told Naomi she should leave and not come back.

Naomi responded by saying Manpreet should be careful as she does not "take kindly to people who intervene." When asked if Naomi was threatening her, the latter replied: "You tell me."

Naomi's bus arrived before Manpreet could discover the answer. Is she in danger?

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