In Cindy's plot, Hollyoaks airs a creepy Eric Foster cliffhanger

In Cindy's plot, Hollyoaks airs a creepy Eric Foster cliffhanger ...

Hollyoaks spoilers will be released soon.

Today's (August 12) episode ended with a creepy cliffhanger, revealing the identity of Cindys masked invader to be none other than Eric Foster.

We saw a masked intrusion at Cindys house in last nights (August 11) episode. But not everyone believed Cindy when she recounted her story, blaming it all to her not being in a good health position due to her bipolar disorder.

Cindy publicly accused Mason of being the culprit when she saw him perform card tricks in the same outfit as the intruder.

Later, viewers saw a guy in a mask in front of a computer deliver a monologue about terrorizing women in Hollyoaks.

"I've made it my mission to eradicate the evil women around here, and I'm driving one of them crazy!" he said, referring to his brief stay at Cindy's house.

"And this is just the beginning!" he admonished.

The mystery guy then took off the mask and revealed himself to be Eric Foster.

This is all part of the soap's radical misogyny and incel culture narrative.

Lucy Allen of Hollyoaks told Digital Spyand other outlets about how this storyline would end: "You can expect to see the big fallout of that story pitching in hard at the start of 2023."

"This was a tough topic to think about and accomplish. I don't know how Angus [Castle-Doughty] does it. I sometimes worry about the places he must have to go to in his head," said the author.

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