Debbie from Coronation Street is facing a major turnback due to a Bistro robbery

Debbie from Coronation Street is facing a major turnback due to a Bistro robbery ...

Spoilers for Coronation Street are here.

Debbie Webster of Coronation Street has been forced to confess her involvement in a phony insurance company at the Bistro.

Ryan Connor was abandoned by Debbie last week after their attempt to rob the Bistro went completely wrong, ending with him being arrested.

Debbie appeared to be in the clear after Ryan's decision to pull out of the botched robbery, but in tonight's (August 12) episode, her involvement came out after a heated confrontation with Bistro co-owner Leanne Battersby and Nick Tilsley.

Debbie got Ryan back working at the Bistro, after being guilty about what she's put him through.

Debbie said, "You just concentrate on looking attractive and charming to those customers." Ryan is advised not to dwell on the crime.

Debbie's intention to return Ryan to her life did not go as smoothly as she had hoped when Leanne and Nick showed up. They were both shocked to see him there.

"He's been charged and convicted, everybody knows," Leanne said, remarking how dismal the situation would be for customers. Debbie was forced to reveal her involvement in the plot, claiming that she was immersed in the trouble she'd caused.

Debbie replied, revealing that she was also involved in the plot. "He's not a thief, not at all."

Debbie lying was still enraged, but Leanne offered the pair time to correct their financial woes, stating that if anything went wrong, they'll be on their own.

Debbie was desperately trying to think of her next move when Ronnie Bailey came to the Bistro to thank her for coming clean about the robbery incident later.

"I'm interested in you, Debbie... you did good today, and I'm proud of you," he said, claiming that he believed in her best interests.

Before the pair kissed, he said, "You're not on your own, not after today."

Debbie and her financial difficulties what do we think?

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