Anne Heche Remembered: The Soap Role(s) That Left Us Seeing Stars

Anne Heche Remembered: The Soap Role(s) That Left Us Seeing Stars ...

The blank has been filled in by a lot of people since the horrific accident that claimed the life of Anne Heche. She was a woman in [insert name of film or series here]. She has done everything from blockbusters to independent films and television to fill a networks schedule for a week.

Heche, a then-teenager, made a lasting impression in her television debut on the much-missed NBC soap in 1987. She had a few surprises, too, considering that she was also stepping into two new roles, those of Victoria and Marley Hudson, who both played rather naughty-n-nice children.

Heche hit the ground running, bringing an energy to the screen that more than made up for her green appearance. She was unstoppable, undeniable, an exclamation point in a sea of moments, and what a lovely job she did in distinguishing gentle Marley from her brash sister Victoria. The siblings may have suffocated as a string of pearls and a diamond in the rough.

Heche would not have known it as she won an Emmy for leaving the soap that went on to accumulate a record number of credits that would fill a phone book. However, many of us who were so enthused about her first star turn would have expected it. Her star just savored enough to be denied.