Where Is Chris Estrada's Comedy Series Streaming? 'This Fool': Where Is the Comedy Series Streaming?

Where Is Chris Estrada's Comedy Series Streaming? 'This Fool': Where Is the Comedy Series Streaming? ...

This Fool is a new series of comedians based on Chris Estrada's life and experiences. Fred Armisen and Jonathan Groff are two of the show's executive producers, and it's good news for fans of The Sopranos.Michelle Ortiz (MADtv), Frankie Quinones (Gente-fied) and Julia Vera (The Old Ways).

Chris Estrada is well-known for his stand-up specials for HBO and Comedy Central. These specials demonstrate Estrada's affable charm and his willingness to put others first. Julio is a genuine genuine guy who wants to do the right thing and put others first. He even works for a charity that helps rehabilitates gang members.

Until further notice, here's how to watch this series, which we're sure will provide some hilarious comfort viewing.

Watch the Trailer for This Fool

The first trailer for This Fool was released on July 24, 2022. A second official trailer was released on August 4. Both trailers highlight the characters and conflicts that support the shows comedy. From Julios' martyr complex and tendency to be non-confrontational to a fault to his long-running relationship with Maggie, the foundations of the shows humor and relationships were highlighted in the trailer.

As scenes depicting Julios attempts to change his extremely non-confrontational nature and become more assertive are shown, with mixed results (it appears like Julio may share his actor's tendency to lose fights). The trailer also demonstrates Julio's genuine desire and desire to help others.

When and Where Can You Stream This Fool?

This Fool will be available on Hulu starting August 12, 2022. It is a Hulu original, so there does not appear to be any other method of viewing It at this time. Hulu offers free trials so anyone who isn't regular subscribers should be able to see it. Also, the subscriptions for the ad-supported plan cost $6.99 per month.

Will This FoolBe Coming Out On DVD?

This Fool is no longer available to purchase or even preorder on Hulu. Not all Hulu originals are available on DVD (Season 1 of Only Murders in the Building is still not out on DVD). Some shows like The Handmaids Tale have eventually had DVDs released, so maybe This Fool will eventually be available on physical media.

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