Season 2 of 'F-Boy Island' has 6 mind-blowing moments

Season 2 of 'F-Boy Island' has 6 mind-blowing moments ...

The second season of F-Boy Island has just finished, and the drama has been off the charts. This season had a twist ending that some fans have mixed feelings about, but the show was packed with shocking moments from the beginning until the very end.

Tamaris Sepulveda, Mia Jones, and Louise Barnard were forced to choose between 24 guys, half of them self-proclaimed nice guys, the other half were f-boys. The three women spent ten weeks getting to know these guys, and removing the ones they didn't know.

The Return of Peter

Peter Park returned to the island for another shot at love or money after being dropped for the first time last season. Mia was immediately attracted to him and became an expert on their connection for the first couple of episodes, which ended up rubbed the other guys the wrong way.

Peter was still an outspoken f-boy, and many tried to persuade Mia that he was just there for the money, but she kept him around, a move which earned both of them $50,000.

Caseys Return

Casey Johnson reintroduced himself as a reformed f-boy in his second return from Season 1. He almost won the game from the start, but he made his way back to CJ (Celisa Franco) in an attempt to get a second chance at love.

CJ chose nice guy Jarred Evans at the end of the first season, so viewers were pleased to see Casey return for Season 2. Tamaris immediately chose him for her team, and the baby face assassin made it to the end again.

Mikey Ds Girlfriend

Mikey D (Michael Dakessian) was eliminated from Tamaris and revealed himself to be an f-boy. What was surprising to contestants and viewers, was that he had a girlfriend. Kyland Hewett-Newbill also had a girlfriend. Nikki Glaser chastised the men, asking if their girlfriends would accept them joining a dating program.

Both men agreed that they were fine with it and simply wanted their boyfriends to win the money. In the words of Nikki, Girl, go.

The Reveal of the F-Boys

Nikki announced that the guessing game had come to an end. All the men had to declare who was an f-boy and who was a nice guy. Tamaris was fortunate to have a team made up of all nice guys. Louise was both surprised when she learned that Mercedes Knox came to the show as an f-boy.

Mia was unfortunate to have all f-boys on her team, including Peter, who professed to be a nice guy this time. The most shocking to viewers was Danny Louisa, who certainly had fans, as well as Mia, convinced he was a nice guy after he helped Mia when she had a panic attack.

The Return of Niko

After the girls picked their final two, they headed to the "mansplain," where the eliminated men had a chance to reveal whatever information they had about the men in the finale. Tamaris had stated in the previous episode how much she was missing Niko Pilalis and regretted not giving him another chance.

Tamaris ended up removing Tom Carnifax, the romantic nice guy she had met, and re-using him with nice guy Niko. Tom did not miss the chance for a dramatic moment, throwing his crown-shaped ring into the sea in order to depose his queen.

The Final Twist

In the final episode, the three women revealed that they had another choice to make. Not only could they risk their lives in the fate of an f-boy who could keep the whole $100,000 for themselves, but the girls could also choose to keep the $100,000 for themselves, dumping both of their suitors.

Louise chose f-boy Mercedes over nice guy Benedict Polizzi, and Mia chose f-boys Danny and Peter, but she ultimately chose Peter. Both the men decided to pursue their romance, so it seemed like it would be a happy ending no matter what. Tamaris claimed she was an "f-girl" and chose herself.