Johnny Depp's lawyer talks about the trial's social media impact and how she was unaware that she was becoming a lot of fame

Johnny Depp's lawyer talks about the trial's social media impact and how she was unaware that she wa ...

The scuffle between Johnny Depp and Aquaman star Amber Heard once in a while captivated the nation in surprising ways. For one generation, it was a televised trial that was later turned into a ratings-grabbing FX series. And lately, the legal dispute over the Depp-Heard trial has sparked endless amounts of discussion, news stories, and social media attention.

Benjamin Chew and Camille Vasquez, the attorneys for Johnny Depp, spoke with the Beverly Hills Bar Association during which they discussed the amount of noise generated by the trial and whether or not it influenced the outcome.

During the trial, we had [every] reason to believe the jury acted in the same manner. We had very little time to do much of anything other than work. That time that we did have was to sleep. We started to notice this was taking a life of its own about midway through the trial.

From Johnny Depp's responses to seemingly unresolved questions through to Amber Heards' testimony about Depp having to sell his boat, everyone in the trial was under a microscope, and legal experts were unsure if that was the appropriate move moving forward.

Camille Vasquez admits that the public's interest in the company that she spoke of began to permeate the bubble that she mentioned, and it began to manifest in the most mundane of activities.

I went to the coffee shop one morning over the weekend and a sweet, young lady with like braces, said my name and handed me my coffee, and she [gaped] in the sweetest way. And then she said, You're Johnny Depps lawyer. And I was like, What do you know?

Thats one of the many negative effects of an extremely public trial such as the Depp-Heard controversy. Just take the liberty to assume that everything they hear will be affected by the jury's decisions. Especially when so many of them revolved around Johnny Depp and Camille Vasquez, and whether or not they were involved in a romantic relationship.

Perhaps they were continuing to lay out his legal defenses? Make sure you stay away from social media, kids. You are still generating headlines, memes, and TikToks, and it likely will not slow down anytime soon.