I Just Killed My Dad: 7 Things To Know Before You Watch The Netflix True Crime Docuseries

I Just Killed My Dad: 7 Things To Know Before You Watch The Netflix True Crime Docuseries ...

Netflix is continuing to expand its collection of true crime documentaries and docuseries. Shows include Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey, Our Father, and The Most Hated Man on the Internet. And now, the service has released another popular series, I Just Killed My Dad.

The new Netflix Docuseries is a good possibility you have heard about it through word of mouth or by seeing it nearing the top of the Netflix Top 10 immediately following its release. But here are a few things to know before you watch.

A True Crime Docuseries About A Teenage Boy Shooting And Killing His Father

Anthony Templet, a quiet, seemingly typical teenager who shot and murdered his father, Burt Templet, in June 2019, is explored in the 2022 Netflix show. The investigation includes the crime itself, its aftermath, and the events that led to the final exchange between father and son.

I Just Killed My Dad Contains Three Episodes

I Just Killed My Dad completes its story in just three chapters, with the opener Im Not a Killer running 36 minutes, I Found My Son running 43 minutes, and the final episode Big Bad Burt running in 46 minutes.

Anthony Templets 911 Call Is Referenced in the Title

I Just Killed My Dad is a reference to a 911 call made shortly after firing several rounds into his father's house in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Audio from the 911 call is played in the opening minute of the series and again after the opening credits.

As it unfolds, the story only becomes more complicated.

As the documentary explores Anthony Templet's history and his father's circumstances, it becomes painfully apparent that this was not just some random blowup or escalated episode that started the night of the killing.

Family members, neighbors, police, and attorneys help piece together the narrative.

Family members, neighbors, police officers, attorneys, and other experts are interrogated to help provide information on Anthony Templet, his father, and the shocking killing, as each person adds another layer to the increasingly complex case.

Anthony Templet Discusses I Just Killed My Dad Also

I Just Killed My Dad has additional interviews with Anthony Templet that help frame the narrative. These include recordings from his original police interrogations as well as new interviews recorded for the series.

Its Rated TV-MA For Language And References To Abuse

I Just Killed My Dad is rated TV-MA, like a number of other Netflix true crime documentaries, and it was rated due to language and references to various forms of abuse. If this sounds too disgruntling, you may want to avoid the docuseries.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, then please visit I Just Killed My Dad to see how everything all works out.

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