Season 5 of Stranger Things is being approached differently from previous seasons in this smart way

Season 5 of Stranger Things is being approached differently from previous seasons in this smart way ...

The cast and crew of Stranger Things has grown in the first four seasons, and their respective worlds have become bigger (and Im not just talking about their increased appreciation of the Upside Down). Outside of Season 1, Will, Mike, Lucas, and Dustin have made new friends and become closer with peers. Matt and Ross Duffer have expertly weaved in new characters, including fan favorites like Sadie Sinks Max and Joseph Quinns Eddie, to name a few.

Since Stranger Things was launched in 2016, the Duffer Brothers have found numerous methods to keep things interesting for Netflix subscribers: new relationships, new monsters, new music (just kidding). Despite Kate Bush's new appreciation for some classic 80s songs, Matt Duffer said the fifth and final season will likely not go that route.

I like to shake things up, so we change it up by changing the plot or adding a new monster. Were trying not to do that because we can concentrate on the established characters for Season 5.

When it comes to constructing a story, it makes sense to introduce too many new faces at a time. Not to mention the Duffer Brothers already have a large cast of characters at this point, and they know that the more stories they have to tell, the less time they can spend with each.

We want to make sure that the new character will be an integral part of the narrative. So with Eddie this season, we go, Well, we need a character here for this storyline to work, and to give it the engine that it requires. But every time you do that, you're nervous, because you go, Weve got a great cast of characters here, and actors, and any moment you were spending with a new character, were taking time away from one of the other actors. So were just very, very cautious about

The relatively small body count that was collected during the series' first four seasons makes their job even more difficult. Sure, Stranger Things has featured a lot of death one loss in particular will affect Gaten Matarazzos Dustin in Season 5, but the creators spoke to their intention when it came to deciding their characters' fates after Millie Bobby Brown criticized them for being too afraid to kill people off.

I fully anticipate more passionate campaigns on social media to save their favorite characters, just as viewers were all over the last episodes of Season 4 worrying about our beloved Steve Harrington (Joe Keery).

We'll have to wait quite a while to learn more about Season 5 of Stranger Things, but you can always give Seasons 1-4 a rewatch on Netflix, or check out these other shows to watch if you like Stranger Things.