Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending: Who Was Behind The Bloody Murder Mystery?

Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Ending: Who Was Behind The Bloody Murder Mystery? ...

Who wants to be Bodies Bodies Bodies? This article is packed with spoilers for the 2022 film release.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is one of those rare films that ends in a number of vocal reactions from viewers. It has the kind of twist that reminds us why we love the journey of seeing a good film. Along with being a super funny comedy, the director Halina Reijns is a part slasher and part murder mystery film.

The film begins as a lighthearted reunion between old pals, but quickly turns off when the group engages in a game they've already played many times before, called Bodies Bodies Bodies. Let's get to the point of what the end implies from the filmmaker's perspective.

What Is The Game Bodies Bodies Bodies?

Bodies Bodies is a real game, similar to Mafia or Werewolf, for a group of people to play. Then, the lights are turned off, and the group disperses while the murderer secretly makes their move and tags one person to become their victim. The victim then falls on the ground and says, "Body!"

The lights go back on, and the family of the dead discuss who the murderer is and vote for it. The game continues until everyone is either dead or the murderer is discovered. At the start of Bodies Bodies, the characters begin to play this game, with Lee Paces Greg as the first victim and Myhala Herrolds Jordan as the murderer on paper. But then, someone does die.

Every Bodies Bodies Bodies Death Solved


David dies right outside the house and sparks a panic throughout the rest of the house and a hunt for a murderer throughout the film. However, at the end of the film, Sophie and Bee see David filming a TikTok of himself trying to open a champagne bottle with a massive sword to the turn of Curtis Roach and Tygas Bored in the House. In his own frustration as the trick fails, he accidentally slits his own throat and dies. No one killed him


Greg, the second character to die in Bodies Bodies Bodies, is the new (and much older) boyfriend to Rachel Sennotts Alice. Greg goes to bed before David dies and the group jumps to conclusions that he was murdered, and shortly after the girls begin to suspect Greg could secretly be some sort of psychotic killer. They wake Greg up and surround him with knives and such, leading Greg to become defensive as they blame him for his death.


Emma falls down a flight, falls down some stairs, and dies. Sophie, who recently became sober, starts to suicidal towards Emma and starts to kiss her. Upon receiving Sophie's reaction, Sophie declares Emma always believes she is in love with her. Then Sophie administers a hallucinogen like MDMA, and Emma goes to the bathroom.


Jordan discovers a rifle in the house but conceals it from the rest of the group that has left. Sophie explains how much Jordan despises Alice and pretends to be her friend, claiming that she hates Alice and listening to Alice's podcast. When Alice starts to get on her nerves, Jordan shoots Alice in the leg. All the girls scramble to grab the rifle from Jordan.


Sophie continues to grab the pistol from Jordan's grasp, which is even more concerned after killing Alice. They go up an imperial staircase. At the top of the flight Bee takes a more aggressive approach, defeating Jordan by falling off the top of the staircase one floor down. She then appears to die as well.

What Does Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies Bodies End Mean?

I think the thought of the ending was absolutely thrilling for me. That's when I knew I could make it my own and not betrayed what I've intended my whole existence to be, which is, you know, darkness. I wanted to say something hedonistic almost about and nihilistic about life, because we all will die. And that's ridiculous!

The whole film, including the ending, cannot be blamed on one villain, but more so on the actions of the group collectively leading each other to their deaths. According to her explanation, the real killer was all of humanity.