Most of us have the chance to receive a bouquet of flowers for our birthdays. Kylie Jenner Displays Hundreds Of Flowers, Throwbacks, and More

Most of us have the chance to receive a bouquet of flowers for our birthdays. Kylie Jenner Displays  ...

I know about you, but I usually end up with a lot of gift cards at the end of the night and a major hangover the next day, and as for flower arrangements? Well, most of us are lucky to receive just one of those on our special day, but reality star Kylie Jenner is a horse of a different color, as to speak. It included hundreds of flowers, fireworks, and other things.

Kylie Jenner's birthday was officially announced on August 10, just a few weeks after her sister Khloe Kardashian's b-day celebrations on Instagram. And while Kardashian had gotten the general public to take a picnic at the beach, Jenners intentions were decidedly more modest?

Kylie Jenner's best friend is certainly roses, as well. Later this year, her long-time boyfriend Travis Scott sent her tens of thousands of roses on Valentines Day. So, it's likely that at least some of these birthday gifts will go in the future. Although, someone else sent a bouquet of equally lovely sunflowers for the newly minted 25-year-old also.

As if she didnt have enough, there were still more roses taking up space in the reality star house:

Check out the variety included in the spread below, if you thought she only dealt with roses and sunflowers.

Kylie Jenner received more flowers on her birthday than there are days in a year. (Maybe not, but who's splitting hairs at this point?) However, she was also celebrated in other ways.

According to Instagram, Jenner was apparently turning 25 while partying on a yacht when a firework display (that might as well be the Fourth of July) went off in the background. She also mentioned who was in attendance at the party in a different post, including her sisters Kim and Kendall, her mother Kris Jenner, and a handful of close friends.

On her birthday, the young mother of two made sure to remind us of her humble beginnings. Kylie Jenner in fact posted a throwback to what was her very first birthday party, and honestly, the Tweety Bird theme at that time is much more #Relatable, as is Kris Jenner's mother bob from the 1990s:

My 1st birthday party was on august 10th 1998. August 10, 2022

Kylie Jenner was controversies after another just before the holidays relating to her wealth and status. Most significantly, her appearing as flaunting her private jet usage sparked outrage on the internet. She apparently responded to the situation in much the same way Amber Heard did regarding her finances: shopping at Target. Jenner later received more criticism, though, for allegedly sabotaging followers.

Kylie Jenner had the best hand at present, displaying bazillions of flowers (that other people bought her) and fireworks. But now my imagination is stumbling with how extravagant it was behind the scenes.

When Season 2 of their reality series, The Kardashians, begins streaming on September 22, Hulu subscribers may expect a bit more from the famous family.