The Big Spider-Man Characters Who Might Appear In The Sony Movie, According To A New Madame Web Rumor

The Big Spider-Man Characters Who Might Appear In The Sony Movie, According To A New Madame Web Rumo ...

Although Spider-Man: No Way Home revealed that the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Sony's Spider-Man Universe are connected through the multiverse, the latter franchise is still basicystanding on its own with delivering centered around the Web-Slinger characters from the comics. Among the upcoming movies in this corner of the superhero movie market is Madame Web, which stars Fifty Shades Dakota Johnson in the title role, but so far none of the characters her costars are playing have been officially identified. However, a new speculation

Dakota Johnson will play Cassandra Webb in the next Madame Web film, while Father of the Brides Isabela Merced will play Anya Corazon, who was previously played by Arana and Spider-Girl in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Adam Scott is alleged to play Ben Parker, a.k.a. Peter Parker's father figure whos murdered shortly after Peter is bitten by the spider that gives him powers. Im talking about Mary, Peter's mother, and Mary as well. At this time, it's unclear who is playing Mary's husband and father, Richard Parker.

Ben Parker's casting might seem strange given that he's younger than the character is usually depicted, but this would actually line up with some Madame Web set photos that emerged in mid-July that indicated this film, at least partially, would be set in the early 2000s, as would Emma Roberts as Mary Parker.

If these characters prove true, Madame Web will be the first Sony Spider-Man Universe film to feature members of the Parker family, rather than merely flashbacks.

Tahar Rahim, Mike Epps, and Zosia Mamet are all actors in the Madame Web film, which has been rescheduled for release on October 6th, nine months after the next Sony Spider-Man Universe film, Kraven the Hunter.