On the Tower of Fantasy, Darbys Sturgeon is in a Blue River location

On the Tower of Fantasy, Darbys Sturgeon is in a Blue River location ...

Cooking is an essential part of Tower of Fantasy. Players will be able to prepare and craft various items that can be used to heal their characters.

Darbys Sturgeon is able to regenerate two Satieties, a stat that affects a character's self-healing in Tower of Fantasy. Increasing a character's Satiety basically allows them to restore health quicker while out of battle.

Where can I find Darbys Sturgeon in the Blue River on Tower of Fantasy?

Darbys Sturgeon is found near Aesperia's Blue River. The fish appears everywhere, but the one in the middle is easily caught without diving into the river. It's smaller than the other fish in the river, making it easier to spot.

Another Darbys Sturgeon spawns in the Blue River at the same location. Players will need to move farther away from the shore to spot the second Darbys Sturgeon, however. Darbys Sturgeon can be seen everywhere throughout the Blue River, so you may want to keep an eye on the water whenever you approach the river. Its got a silver-ish body with blue fins, distinguishing it from the darker-bodied Silver Bass that can also be found in the Blue River.

Once youve entered Darbys Sturgeons catch range, you can press the interact button to catch the fish. A small tooltip will appear below the player's character that reads Obtained Darbys sturgeon x1.