Is Cosmic Love season 2 renewed or canceled on Amazon?

Is Cosmic Love season 2 renewed or canceled on Amazon? ...

Can you reasonably expect aCosmic Loveseason 2 to launch on Amazon Prime after today's premiere? Is this something you can realistically hope for?

The best place to start things off here is pointing out where things stand right now. For the time being, there is no officialCosmic Loverenewal. While there may be some more of the astrology-themed dating show in the future, it all will come down to what the Amazon folks want to achieve and what some of the numbers are.

Given that Netflix has had such a great run in the dating show genre over the years, they want to find a little piece for themselves. Is this program going to suss out enough interest? Will it be discovered? These are two of the main concerns that executives wanted before the launch.

One of the things that we do know about this type of program is that you can tell early on whether or not it is a big hit. Amazon needs it to do this to generate a lot of interest among its younger audience. This is the sort of thing that will most likely lead to more. If it doesnt do well within the first couple of weeks, it may easily be forgotten.

Hopefully, we'll have more insight into what the future holds in the long run, in one way or another.

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