With a victory against CLG, TSM keeps its 2022 LCS Summer playoff hopes alive and well

With a victory against CLG, TSM keeps its 2022 LCS Summer playoff hopes alive and well ...

The TSM faithful have had a tumultuous season, but after the teams sixth victory of the season against Counter Logic Gaming today, it appears like the perennial LCS champions will make a comeback in the post-season.

The 2022 Summer Split has been a tumultuous experience for the boys in black and white, with many different issues plaguing the team both on-stage and behind-the-scenes. Various roster changes prevented the squad from building much cohesion, while issues with the teams CEO caused waves throughout the general esports community.

Even a fake pause might save freeLG pic.twitter.com/vMolhR57Y0.

TSM defeated one of the league's top laners by dominating his matchup against CLGs own top laner Dhokla, or Spica finding great attack angles against Wukong, both teams played well in the early to mid game stages.


TSM fans had a quick heart attack before they could breathe a sigh of relief as their late game remained shaky. They still have matches against Cloud9 and FlyQuest coming up this weekend, which should put their mettle to the test before the playoffs.

CLG, on the other hand, is still a top five team, so a defeat against TSM might help fuel the fire and motivate them to push harder before they enter the fray when the 2022 LCS Championship starts on August 20.