According to datamines, Dodrio, Mew, and Scizor are expected to appear at Pokemon UNITE in September

According to datamines, Dodrio, Mew, and Scizor are expected to appear at Pokemon UNITE in September ...

Pokemon UNITE is finally giving its playersbase two things that have been on their wishlist for over a year now: a new map to play in Ranked matches and a new Speedster for the playable Pokemon roster.

Data for what appears to be all three playable Pokemon anticipated for a release in or around September have been discovered in several early leaks that have yet to be fully detailed. The release of the three Pokemon appears to be in recognition of the one-year anniversary of UNITE's launch on mobile devices.

Because these leaks are early, the only information available about the three Pokemon is that they will likely be included to the game as playable options over the course of September, and that they will each be different classes.

If you count Zeraora as a launch bonus, Dodrio will be the game's first true post-launch Speedster, making a more than one-year hiatus. Both will be an Attacker and All-Rounder variant, which makes some sense depending on their kits.

Mew will apparently be able to Surf and Transform. The Pokemon may have any move, but the ability to learn anything opens the way for some Hoopa-level shenanigans, as well as Dodrio and Scizor, depending on the in-game models removed from the backend of the game.

All of this information has been removed from the game early, therefore the release dates are all set for September.

  • Mew: Sept. 2
  • Dodrio: Sept. 15
  • Scizor: Sept. 25

A new map has also been apparently leaked alongside three new Pokemon, which are currently under investigation.

Although little information about this map has been publicly provided in the form of data, it appears to be a new map that will be used in various modes and Ranked matches and themed around Sky Pillar called Sky Castle. This will reportedly feature Rayquaza and Celbi in some form, and Bunnelby and Altaria as wild Pokemon to farm.

Cynthia, the Sinnoh Champion, might also be introduced as a special battle mode, likely in a manner similar to Boss Rush, in which you will face off against members of her team in an arena. More information on this are currently unavailable.

More Boost Emblems are on the way. Shocker.

As more information becomes available, this article will be updated.