In Tower of Fantasy, what are the purposes of gifting?

In Tower of Fantasy, what are the purposes of gifting? ...

Gifts are a way of Awakening Simulacras in Tower of Fantasy. Each gift can be categorized by its own tags, such as Games or Toys, and each Simulacra will prefer specific tags. Each gift can be used to earn Awakening Points for a Simulacra, but more points are earned for their next set of rewards.

What are Gifts used for in Tower of Fantasy?

Gifts are unique items that are stored in the player's Backpack in the Gift Section. These items are used to Awaken the player's unlocked Simulacra in order to unlock various rewards. These rewards include Avatars, unique Traits, and special characteristics that are only available when the Simulacra is on the Awaken menu.

How to obtain Gifts in Tower of Fantasy

Players may purchase Gifts by visiting a Vendor or spending Energy Crystal Dust or Training Points at the Points Store or Crystal Dust Store. Several of these are available throughout the world and are useful for purchasing additional items from the Points Store. Crystal Dust may also be purchased by finishing any of the modes that require Vitality.