Season 3 of Never Have I Ever: Compatibility Rankings for Every Couple

Season 3 of Never Have I Ever: Compatibility Rankings for Every Couple ...

This article includes spoilers for Season 3 of Never Have I Ever.

Never Have I Ever was released by Netflix as a unique viewpoint on teenage life told from a South Asian perspective. Through the previous three seasons, Mindy Kaling and her team have hit all the right notes to document the experience of growing up as a first generation Indian-American.

Nearly every character is linked to another, and they change partners much quicker than in a game of musical chairs. This can make it difficult to process who is compatible with whom, but we will try to rank the couples according to their chemistry. It does not mean that they are not enough when the series calls it quits.

8.Ben and Aneesa

Ben Gross (Jaren Lewison) is a difficult person to deal with. He's a gifted artist, and he has a lack of social awareness that is quite appropriate for a guy who has dedicated his life to academic dominance. (except for one very obvious person, and there's more on that later).

Ben's second season appeared to work out well at first, but difficulties arise in the first half of this third season as Ben takes out his stress and frustration over losing Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan) on Aneesa. It appears nothing Aneesa says or does is enough for Ben, and it makes the audience see all of Ben's worst qualities rather than good ones.

Ben needs to be surrounded by someone who can stand up to him and fire back when his arrogance starts to show up. Aneesa is too kind to be that person. Her standing up for herself and moving on was a highlight of the season.

7.Fabiola and Aneesa

Aneesa believes that Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez) is the person who will respect her and love her, and she is correct, sorta kinda. When you are going through puberty, human sexuality can be quite confusing, and Aneesa misplaces her admiration and friendship for Fabiola with that of passion.

In the girls bathroom, they kiss, putting the show at a high level for female same-sex representation on a major streaming television program in 2022. There is simply not enough non-exploitative exploration of young women and their sexualities on television right now. Many of these adolescent-centric programs emphasize the development of queer men.

Fabiola and Aneesa try their hardest to rekindle their spark, but it's to no avail. They finally realize that they only love each other platonically, yet their quest to date is the type of thing Mindy Kalings has done so well: delicately explore an important social issue with empathy, understanding, and humor.

6.Devi and Des

Devi experiences one of her most classic teenage romance crises several episodes into the third season. When she decides to meet her mothers friends son at a local high school party, she believes the boy will be a stereotypical dweeb. Instead, she is immediately impressed with his charm and intelligence.

Des (Anirudh Pisharody) is, in many ways, too good to be true. He is physically attractive, he is extraordinarily smart, and he is Indian. The third bullet point makes him the ideal boyfriend in the eyes of Nalini (Poorna Jagannathan), and having Mom's approval is always crucial.

The main disagreements between Devi and Des arise because of Des' mother's personal experiences in connection with her father's death. Devi believes he will crush Des at this point in his life, and Des does not really put up a fight in the matter. She deserves a guy who will stand up for her and accept her for all of her imperfections.

5.Fabiola and Eve

Fabiola and Eve (Christina Kartchner) are a couple who were separated too soon. At the start of this new season, Eve moves overseas, and Fabiola has a difficult time establishing a long-distance relationship.

Eve was the one who helped Fabiola realize she was a lesbian. It's easy to fall in love with someone you're so passionate about. When Eve is your first LGBTQ+ love, it becomes an even greater partnership. I suspect that Kartchner may have other contractual obligations this season.

4.Kamala and Manish

Kamala (Richa Moorjani) is a sweet, intelligent woman who has been forced to live the way others have told her to throughout the majority of Never Have I Ever. She is often used as a character that opposes Devi. Kamala always listens to authority, and respects her parental figures in a much more traditional way.

Although, sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and thats precisely what Kamala does when she chooses Manish (Utkarsh Ambudkar) as her boyfriend. Manish isnt well-liked by Kamala's grandmother, Nirmala (Ranjita Chakravarty), because he represents a contrast between old-school Indian values and new-age Indian culture.

Manish and Kamala are among the cutest, most genuine couples on the show because they choose to be together, and they are able to overcome those who disapprove of their relationship. This shines through even to Nirmala by the end of the season.

3.Devi and Paxton

Devi and Paxton are the third best couple on the show, despite their previous roles as platonic friends. They finally started dating at the start of this season, but Devis' fears lead to a heartbreaking separation. This isnt the end of the line for Daxton. Their friendship is rich and complex, and it teaches us a lot about each character.

Paxton began out as someone Devi never imagined would ever even meet her, much less befriend her, or date her. What she did not realize is that Paxton may have been as intimidated by her presence as she was his. In the third season finale, Devi has pushed and propelled Paxton to become the well-rounded adult man he is today.

Paxton was able to demonstrate to Devi that she should never feel inferior to her partner on the other end of the spectrum. She is a beautiful person who will find love, no matter how unlucky she may be in her periods of moodiness or anxiety.

2.Eleanor and Trent

Eleanor (Ramona Young) and Trent (Benjamin Norris) are the definition of opposites attract. Eleanor is excellent at school and artistically gifted, while Trents main skill is going off with Paxton in a garage all day. Their connection is so fluid and fitting because they also have more in common than you would expect.

Eleanor and Trent have an unwavering love for those they care about. They often think with their hearts and feel with their brain, making quick decisions in the interest of it all. They relish being around one another, and that's the greatest obstacle for couples at any age.

As he grew closer to Eleanor, Trent's personality and plot lines have developed, and his being pushed back to repeat the 12th grade means there will be more time for this romance to blossom.

1.Devi and Ben

Devi and Ben always had to go hand in hand, right? In teen romance programs, the ultimate compatibility between Devi and Ben was obvious to everyone. They have both excelled in school, and they have issues with self-esteem outside the classroom.

Devi and Ben both use sarcasm and snoodiness as a shield against the inner fears they have, but when they meet someone new, the chemistry is unmatched. Devi comes over to Bens shop to cash her one-off voucher for One Free Boink, and it's hard not to feel like it's the culmination of three seasons of love and affection.

This is a classic example of enemies-to-lovers, and it should be interesting to see where the romance goes in the final season of this fantastic program.

The remaining ten episodes of Season 3 of Never Have I Ever are now available to stream on Netflix.