Season 8 of The Masked Singer: Is It Coming In August?

Season 8 of The Masked Singer: Is It Coming In August? ...

Do you like to know who will sing under the mask in Season 8 of The Masked Singer? Check out the details below.

The Masked Singer is a competition series in which famous individuals sing while wearing masks to hide their identities. The panelists then try to guess who the performers are by listening to their performances and guessing.

The Masked Singer franchise originates in South Korea, and this program is an evolution of it. The program was renewed in May of 2022, and production on the next eighth season has already begun.

The reality series received a wide range of responses from reviewers, but it has nevertheless established itself as an enormous success among viewers. Each season, the elaborate costumes worn by the contestants are the highlight of the program, which draws in large numbers of viewers.

The unscripted series debuts two new seasons each year: one in the spring and one in the fall. Fans are eagerly anticipating a fresh round as Fall 2022 draws closer. Here is what we have yet to learn about the eighth season.

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Is Season 8 of The Masked Singer Coming In August?

No, Masked Singer Season 8 will not be released until August. According to the creators, the next season will premiere on September 21, 2022. Right now on FOX, you can watch The Masked Singer. Season 8 will be hosted on the same platform as the previous one.

The upcoming season may include eight episodes, as compared to the previous one. Additional information is expected to be released very soon.

The Masked Singer is derived from the South Korean television series King of Mask Singer, which premiered in 2015 and is considered the first season in the Masked Singer franchise.

What Is The Difference Between The Masked Singer and the Masked Singer?

Twelve well-known persons will perform songs in costume while remaining anonymous. To avoid being recognized, they will all be covered in costumes and masks.

Contestants square off during each episode while each sings a song of their choice in their own authentic voice. After being chosen by the panel and the audience, the winner advances to the following week.

The person who finishes last will be ejected. The identity of the singing stars will also be revealed, and the panel will attempt to identify them.

The King of Mask Singer is a strange television show that originated in South Korea and premiered in 2015 under the name Nicole Scherzinger. An actor and comedian named Ken Jeong, a television personality named Jenny McCarthy Wahlberg, and a singer and songwriter named Robin Thicke form the permanent panel.

Season 7 of The Masked Singer is up for grabs.

Teyanna Taylor, an artist in the R&B genre, was chosen the winner of Season 7 of the competitions. Jenny and Robin both had the correct assumption when they assumed that Taylor would play the Firefly.

Teyanna Taylor is a singer-songwriter who also works as an actress, dancer, and choreographer. In 2005, she signed a recording deal with Pharrell Williams' own label, the Star Trak Entertainment.

Taylor was born on December 10, 1990, in Harlem, New York City, to Nikki Taylor and Tito Smith. She is Trinidadian and African origin.

Taylor is the only child that her mother has ever had, although her father already has two sons and another daughter from a previous relationship. Her mother took her care of her when she was growing up and now serves as her manager.

The Masked Singer's Spin-Offs

After the Mask, the Masked Singer

After the COVID-19 epidemic had an influence on television and delayed the premieres of several scripted series until late 2020, Fox decided to develop The Masked Singer: After the Mask as one of two shows that might be remotely produced to fill programming gaps.

With a 1.4 rating in the adults 18-49 category and 5.5 million viewers, the series premiere saw a significant increase over the average ratings of the previous lead-out, Lego Masters.

The Masked Dancer

Ellen DeGeneres began a daytime talk program based on The Masked Singer in January 2019.

Both Fox Alternative Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television have announced that The Masked Dancer will be turned into a television series on January 7, 2020. The panelists are comprised of Jeong, Brian Austin Green, Paula Abdul, and Ashley Tisdale.

Celebrity contestants dance various dance styles while concealing their identities by wearing head-to-toe costumes and face masks, similar to the Masked Singer's format. On December 27, 2020, it was broadcast for the first time on Fox.


Season 8 of The Masked Singer is not yet teased. For the time being, you can see it below: