This Massive Star Fox Mod Includes New Levels, Ships, Weapons, and even multiplayer gameplay

This Massive Star Fox Mod Includes New Levels, Ships, Weapons, and even multiplayer gameplay ...

Nintendo fans are becoming irritated as there is little information on a Star Fox game on the Switch. None more so than modder KandoWontu, who is nearing completion of a 'Star Fox Exploration Showcase' modification for the 16-bit SNES classic, which includes new levels, ships, weapons, and (yes, you guessed it) a fully functional multiplayer mode.

What exactly was it like to get into this iconic game code in the first place, and when will we be able to get our paws on it? Jack Yarwood over at our new sister site, Time Extension, got the chance to chat with KandoWontu to find out all of this and more.

The original intention of the modder was to include Star Fox 2's distinctive all-range mode as well as some new camera mechanics from Starxxon, a fellow modder (simple, right?) However, KandoWontu's hunger sounded much greater, as he claims in the interview:

After that, I thought why not make the ships changeable? And the weapons? And before you know it, I was adding new features and hidden codes.

'At this point,' KandoWontu states, 'Ive added a whole second map with the original intact and still playable, three new courses, new enemies, new music, and much more!'

'Much more' seems to be an understatement now that the list of recently-added features includes a full pre-game mod menu, two-player mode, new ships and weapons, and a whole bunch of other features (see the original article for the entire list).

KandoWontu's interest in playability is evident, and he has therefore included a fully functional toggle menu, which allows you to switch out modifications as you please.

KandoWontu has overcome some of his limitations with the addition of a pesky multiplayer mode. This includes SegaRetro92, phonymike, livvy94, MrL314, Sunlitspace542, chuckborrisnorris, and Random Stuff) who have been integral to the various aspects of the project, from textures to musical composition.

The Star Fox Exploration Showcase had been scheduled to be released at the end of August, but it has now been postponed until the end of October because to the exponential growth of the project. (Be mindful that you'll need a valid copy of the original ROM to play it).

Check out Time Extension's complete interview where Jack and KandoWontu discuss the modder's involvement in the Star Fox franchise and more.

Do you agree with this massive mod? Drop your engines and send us an email to share your thoughts! Time Extension is a great way to satisfy your craving for retro gaming goodness, whether Nintendo or non-Nintendo!

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