The World Championships' Pokemon Distribution Event Is Appropriately British

The World Championships' Pokemon Distribution Event Is Appropriately British ...

The distribution of Pokemon Sword & Shield is still going on, almost three years after the game's release. At the moment, you can get Dracovish, and for the next few weeks, you'll be able to acquire Ash's entire team from the anime.

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Ash's party is a great example of this, but when you're in London, there's only one theme you can go for tea! (Thanks, Serebii!)

The Pokemon World Championships will take place next week from the 18th to the 21st of August, and you'll be able to acquire a couple of'mons' to add to your team. If you tune into the livestream, you'll be able to grab yourself a Victini holding a Starf Berry, which comes with the moves V-Create, Work Up, and Flame Charge.

Now, that's cool, but what's better? A free Pokemon that's based on a cup of tea and comes with milk! Yep, this Sinistea has also got some fun moves like Celebrate, Memento, and Aromatherapy, so you can be assured that this is at least a nicely-scented celebratory brew when in London.

With the hot summer weather and all, The Pokemon Company understands that many people don't drink milk with their tea so of course you don't have to use it, but at least the option is there. Or, perhaps a slice of Alcremie (or Old Gateau!).

Serebii's distribution event may be seen right here.

How do you like your tea? Will you be getting this special Sinistea from the World Championships next week? Let us know!


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