How to Unlock and Access Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy

How to Unlock and Access Bygone Phantasm in Tower of Fantasy ...

From multiplayer activities like Joint Operations and Dimensional Trials to weekly and daily tasks that reward small and significant rewards, Tower of Fantasy offers dozens of choices. One of the single-player options is Bygone Phantasm, a floor-based combat trial with gradually increasing difficulty and compensatory rewards.

New players will not be able to access Bygone Phantasm, however. Here's how to unlock and access the activity.

Progress to access Bygone Phantasm

The Bygone Phantasm activity will not be available until you reach level 26, which is available on the Adventure menu's Challenge tab. Players who have lapsed in the Trial of Hykros and persistent players in the Battlefield of the Elite will be rewarded every Monday at 5:10 EST.

How does Bygone Phantasm work?Answered

Bygone Phantasm is a floor-based combat game in which certain weapons have their effectiveness increased by 1-3 stars, and weapon enhancements will be at their maximum. When you first enter a room, you'll need to activate an orange node in the middle of the arena. You'll have two minutes and thirty seconds to clear the group of lower-level enemies.

As you progress, each successive floor increases the enemy difficulty by one level, and new and stronger enemy types are added as you progress. However, the time interval you have to clear each room does not change. No matter how easy or challenging the enemies are, you will always have two minutes and thirty seconds to defeat them.

If you fail a floor due to illness or illness, you may try again as often as you like. Youll see where you are at the end of the week, as well as be eligible for any progress rewards depending on how many floors you cleared.