Bungie is revamping some of the original Destiny 2 Exotics for Season 18

Bungie is revamping some of the original Destiny 2 Exotics for Season 18 ...

With the upcoming Bungie showcase, season 18, and a reprised original Destiny raid less than two weeks away, Destiny 2 fans have a lot to be excited about in August. However, Bungie has released some new information about certain weapon types and Exotics later this month.

Bungie unveiled a few minor tweaks to weapon archetypes. Scout rifles are getting an overall damage boost, as are heavy grenade launchers. Other weapons, like lightweight bows and high-impact auto rifles, are also getting a damage boost. Glaives are getting a boost to their melee, allowing their hits to activate three Exotics: ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Karnstein Armlets, and Necrotic Grip.

When season 18 begins on August 23, Bungie will make some changes to existing perks. Both the Gambit and Iron Banner perks will be completely rebuilt, and the Dares of Eternity weapons (the ones inspired by Bungies other games, like Halo) will have their own Origin trait. Ambitious Assassin is getting a major increase to its overflow potential (up to 150%) to keep up with the Overflow perk. Also, Wellspring will no longer have its hidden cooldown, giving ability energy on multi

The most significant update in the Bungie blog is to exotics. Many older weapons will have anti-Champion abilities in season 18, and some Exotics will have entirely new abilities.

Here are some Exotics that are receiving anti-Champion updates:

  • Le Monarque - Overload on poison arrows
  • Thunderlord - Overload
  • Malfeasance - Unstoppable on explosions
  • Wish-Ender - Anti-Barrier

Wish-Ender is also one of the Exotics that is getting a significant boost, as it'll hit most enemies three times instead of twice, and it'll also do an additional 10% damage to Champions, majors, and minibosses.

The Cranial Spike perk in Dead Mans Tales will no longer provide additional damage to players (the bonus is still available against PvE enemies), but will instead increase reload, aim assist, and range per stack. At max Cranial Spike stacks, the Catalyst will cause the weapons hip-fire RPM to rise to 180.

The Void Leech timer from the Vow of the Disciple raid, Collective Obligation, will be much easier to use in Season 18. It will be five seconds longer in PvE games, have no cooldown, and be much easier to activate.

Bungie has announced that fans would learn more about Arc 3.0, the last update for the old subclasses, ahead of the Destiny 2 showcase on Aug. 23. Players will likely hear more about it next week.