Tower of Fantasy beginners guide, suggestions, and tricks

Tower of Fantasy beginners guide, suggestions, and tricks ...

Tower of Fantasy is a new open-world strategy game available now on PC, iOS, and Android devices. It's a direct competitor to Genshin Impact, as well as a gacha-based combat system. There's also a massive exploration aspect, so youll want to send your character looking for chests, solving puzzles, and destroying enemy strongholds.

The beginner's guide for Tower of Fantasy offers tips and tricks that the game does not explicitly indicate, as well as ones that might be helpful in the early game.

Theres a daily level cap

You can only progress so far before you hit a wall on every day in Tower of Fantasy: on day one you can reach level 18, on day two you can reach level 24, and so on. The levels correspond to the chapters in your Wanderers Log, so you can check that periodically to see how close you are to the next capping point.

Once the daily reset time has passed, you should be able to continue playing. There was very little content to do until we reached level 20, so beware that day one might be dull.

Server daily reset time is at 5 a.m.EDT

At 5 a.m. EDT, things like the sign-in bonus, daily rewards, and other dailies reset. If you hit a wall, wait until the reset time passes, after which youll be able to continue leveling.

Simulcra are basically skins, so play as who you want to be.

As you unlock weapons and characters in the game gacha, youll notice that you dont actually add the characters to your party the way you do in Genshin Impact or other mobile games. Instead, you can activate the Simulacrum to use that character as an avatar, but it makes no sense and it's all cosmetic.

Later on, youll also be able to unlock a Simulacrum trait that you can change, giving you various buffs depending on the character.

Remember to use your mount

As you explore, it's easy to forget to mount up and ride around. Riding your mount is much quicker than sprinting, so make sure to utilize your mounts when you're out.

Chests with triangle and rectangle shapes respawn, but orb-shaped ones do not.

In Tower of Fantasy, there are many different types of chests. The orb-shaped ones reward you with gacha currency (Gold and Black Nucleus), and the triangle-and rectangle-shaped ones reward basic materials for upgrading items or making food, as well as EXP.

The orb-shaped chests are obviously more important, as they will also reward Dark Crystals, the games premium currency.

As you climb the cliffs, you can finesse the cliffs by double-jumping.

If you're struggling to climb a large rock, you can essentially climb it infinitely without worrying about stamina by letting go of the cliff, double-jumping, and then climbing the cliff again. Your double-jump should give you some substantial air, allowing you to beef up the stamina system quite a bit.

Use your map to find more Nucleus and chests

If you are near a puzzle that rewards a Black Nucleus or a chest, symbols will appear on your minimap near you. The orb-shaped chests will be marked with an orb (of course) and the Black Nucleus puzzles will be marked with a diamond shape. These puzzles typically require you to use fire-type abilities to break down walls, or other similar quick interactions.

From the weapon warehouse menu, you may learn your weapon combos.

Select the weapon of your choice from the weapons menu, and then click the magnifying glass beneath the image of the weapon to see all of its different abilities. Each weapon has different aerial abilities and long-press abilities, so youll want to figure out how to make the most of your weapon stash.