Eva Longoria will appear in the Apple TV+ Land of Women

Eva Longoria will appear in the Apple TV+ Land of Women ...

The new drama comedy Land of Women will be ordered for a total of six episodes by Apple TV+ on Tuesday, making it a part of the company's original series lineup.

Sandra Barnedas, an award-winning writer, has adapted the play from the well-selling book of the same name, which has sold millions of copies.

Eva Longoria, who is nominated for a Golden Globe, will play Gala's lead role as well as serving as an executive producer of the program, all of which will be managed by her production company, UnbeliEVAble Entertainment.

Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira both served as program writers for the Iris Award nominee. Carmen Maura has recently filled the position of Galas' mother, Julia, who has worked in both film and television.

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More About Eva Longoria Starrer Land of Women

Eva Longoria plays Gala, a New Yorker who's life is turned upside down when her husband implicates the family in financial misconduct. She is forced to leave the city with her aging mother and college-aged daughter.

When Galas' husband accused the family of financial wrongdoing, her life in New York is turned upside down.

Eva Longoria plays the dramatic lead in the comedic drama Land of Women. The three women have found refuge in the same lovely wine town in Northern Spain that Galas' mother fled from half a century ago, promising that she would never return.

Galas' mother fled the village and promised that she would never return. Their goal is to stay clear of the dangerous thugs who are due money by Galas' husband, who has gone missing.

The ladies are seeking a fresh beginning and hope their identities will remain a mystery. Yet, the gossip in the little village rapidly spreads, uncovering the women's deepest and most profound family secrets as well as the truth about themselves.

Carlos Sedes, a director who has already been recognized with the Iris Award, has been chosen to direct the next film, Land of Women. Bambu Studios is the organization responsible for the development of the programs that will be shown on Apple TV+.

This cutting-edge program will be shot in both Spanish and English, and will be available for viewers in both languages.

Eva Longoria, Ben Spector, showrunner Ramon Campos, and Teresa Fernandez-Valdes, who won the Iris Award, are the executive producers for the series. In 2005, Longoria founded UnbeliEVAble Entertainment, a production company that specialized in producing films, television shows, and documentary films.