Jason Momoa claims that the adaptation of Conan the Barbarian became a slugfest

Jason Momoa claims that the adaptation of Conan the Barbarian became a slugfest ...

Jason Momoa, who will be featured in future films such as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Fast X, gave an interview to British GQ, which was later published online.

Fast X is one of the other planned films that the actor will be starring in. During the interview, he discussed the possibility that despite a project being enjoyable to film, it might not be successful due to problems that arise during the post-production phase.

Momoa reportedly admitted to being a part of a lot of terrible movies and movies that are out of your control in an interview with a newspaper. Conan the Barbarian is one of those individuals, according to the narrator.

One of my most memorable experiences in life was taken over by someone else, who transformed it into a strewn mess.

The books written by Robert E. Howard were the inspiration for the swords-and-sandals fantasy film that was directed by Marcus Nispel and published in 2011, the same year that he made his appearance as Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones.

Marcus Nispel is the filmmaker who is also responsible for the film. In 1982, the author's work served as the basis for the film with the same name. Arnold Schwarzenegger directed the sequel, which was released the following year, in 1984.

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What Is the Biggest Mistake in Jason Momoa's Conan the Barbarian Remake?

Momoa did not provide further information on what specifically harmed him about the conclusion of his portrayal of Conan the Barbarian. Despite the fact that he felt this way about the portrayal, it would not come as a surprise for him.

The film, which had a cast that included Rachel Nichols, Rose McGowan, Stephen Lang, and Ron Perlman, was not a financial success at the box office and had a current approval rating of only 25% on Rotten Tomatoes.

It is correct to state that the film review that was published in 2011 by The Hollywood Reporter was not exactly persuasive in its appreciation of the film.

A critic named Kirk Honeycutt claimed that the film had no other purpose other than random blood splattering amid scenes of bondage, primitive brutality, and S&M erotica. The movie is tedious and difficult to comprehend, and it isn't apparent who the good people are or who the bad ones are.